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                    TURKISH  PRESS  REVIEW
                         JUN 9, 1995


President Suleyman Demirel  told  a  businessmen's  delegation
yesterday  that  if  Europe  can understand Turkey's terrorism
problem, then there is no problem between Turkey  and  Europe.
Demirel,  who  received  the  delegation, which included Kemal
Sahin,   Chairman   of   the   Turkish    Businessmen's    and
Industrialists'  Association, at the presidential palace, also
said that Turkey is a peaceful country and that  Europe  needs
to  understand  Turkey  well.   Demirel  said  that  Turkey is
working hard to improve ties but that unfortunately there  are
enemies  of  Turkey  in  Europe,  an apparent reference to the
presence of the PKK terrorist organization, which is  fighting
a  separatist  war in southeastern Turkey.  Demirel added that
on the other hand, most people in Europe know  about  Turkey's
importance.   Demirel  said, in a reference to recent European
criticism, that Turkey has no  problem  of  democracy  because
there is a Parliament in Turkey which was elected and there is
a president who was elected by the Parliament.  He added  that
Turkey  is  a  secular, democratic and stable country and will
always be one with Europe.  /Cumhuriyet/


Foreign Minister Erdal Inonu was quoted  yesterday  as  saying
that separatist terrorism against the Turkish state has caused
a delay in government-planned democratization reforms.  In  an
interview  with  the  Brussels-based  daily France Liberation,
Inonu said Turkey was,  however,  determined  to  realize  the
reforms,  adding he believed major steps would be taken before
the end of June.  Turkey and the EU  agreed  in  principle  in
March  for  Ankara's  planned  customs  union with the EU next
year.  But the European Parliament, the body which will take a
final  decision  on the issue, urges Turkey to democratize its
regime first.  Inonu  also  said  Turkey  was  using  military
methods  only  against  the  PKK  terrorist  organization, not
targeting civilians in the country's troubled southeast  where
the PKK is waging a separatist war.  /Cumhuriyet/


Militants of the PKK terrorist organization have killed  seven
villagers in raids in southeastern Turkey.  Security officials
said a group of militants attacked Doseme  village  near  Egil
town in Diyarbakir province on Wednesday night and killed five
villagers, injured  four  soldiers  and  two  village  guards.
Diyarbakir   Governor   Dogan  Hatipoglu  said  that  military
operations are continuing to catch militants  in  the  region.
Two  more  villagers  were  killed  in attacks on Tasgedik and
Ikipinar villages in Mardin's Omerli  district.   Unal  Erkan,
governor  of the state of emergency, went to Doseme village to
investigate the attacks.  PKK militants often attack  villages
whose  men  have  joined  the ranks of government-paid village
guards.  They say the guards, also local Kurds,  are  traitors
to the separatist cause.  /All papers/


Fourteen militants of  the  PKK  terrorist  organization  were
killed  during  the  operations  in Sirnak, Bingol, Mardin and
Batman.  Officials in the state of emergency region said  that
eight  militants  were killed in Sirnak's Guclukonak district,
three  in  Bingol's  Genc  district,  two  in  Mardin's  Derik
district   and   one  in  Batman's  Sason  district.   Sixteen
automatic guns,  two  bazookas,  8  mines,  4  hand  grenades,
bullets  and two tons of food were confiscated during military
operations in Adiyaman, Bitlis,  Diyarbakir,  Mardin,  Hakkari
and Sirnak.  /Cumhuriyet/


The military  execise  "Cooperative  Rescue  '95"  started  in
Romanian  territorial  waters  in  the Black Sea, the Anatolia
news agency reported yesterday.  Four NATO  member  countries,
Greece,  Turkey, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as Romania
and Bulgaria, are taking part in the operation.   "Cooperative
'95"  will continue for six days and a total of 1,200 soldiers
will participate, the agency reported.


Justice Minister  Mehmet  Mogultay,  who  has  been  appointed
Acting  Labour and Social Security Minister, said at a meeting
of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva  that
Turkey will reach international labour standards, the Anatolia
news agency reported yesterday.  Mogultay also met with Michel
Hansenne,  general  director  of the ILO and relations between
Turkey and the ILO were discussed at the meeting.


The Turkish government is working to bring  into  full  effect
new  laws  that  will  pave  the way for Turkey's full customs
union with the European Union (EU) in October this year.   The
Council  of Ministers will then be able to make changes in the
patent laws, geographical signs, industrial projects, trade in
fresh  vegetables  and  fruit,  wholesale markets, Chambers of
Trade  and  Industry,  Chambers  of  Commerce,   Chambers   of
Industry,   Chambers  of  Maritime  Trade,  Turkish  Union  of
Chambers and Stock Exchanges, Agricultural Credits Cooperative
Stores  and  Unions  and  matters  relating  with food and the
application of Turkish Commercial Law, Capital Market, Turkish
Union  of  Hotel Management and Tourism Administrators and the
Customs  Law.   Prime  Minister  Ciller  also   attended   the
negotiations  regarding  these new laws in the General Council
yesterday.  /Hurriyet/

                        JUNE 8, 1995


Foreign Minister  Erdal  Inonu  is  continuing  with  making
contact  with leading European Union (EU) officials.  One of
the main points that he is making is that Turkey "is already
a European country."

During his visit to Brussels, Inonu  is  detailing  Turkey's
fight  against  PKK terrorism and seeking a lasting solution
to the Cyprus problem among the  EU  politicians.   However,
the  biggest issue confronting Inonu and his EU counterparts
is the question of whether or not Turkey really will make it
into  full  customs  union with the EU member countries this
coming October.

Forign Minister Inonu is being constantly bom-  barded  with
questions  on  this  issue by all the parties represented in
the EU parliament, especially in regard to the reforms  that
the EU wants to see the Turkish government make prior to the
final formalities.  Inonu has told his questioners that  "we
are  optimistic"  that  the  desired reforms will be made in
time.  /Milliyet-Cumhuriyet/


Kubilay Atasayar, secretary general of the Turkish Employers
Union,  who  is  in  Switzerland  to attend the 82nd general
assembly of the  International  Labour  Organization  (ILO),
said  that several labour circles were trying to exploit the
ILO meeting for personal gain.  Atasayar claimed that  these
"circles," without naming them, would fail in their attempt.
/All papers/


A delegation of six  Austrian  deputies  arrived  in  Ankara
yesterday  to hold talks on and investigate the human rights
situation in Turkey, the Anatolia news agency reported.  The
delegation  paid  a visit to the deputies of the now-defunct
pro Kurdish Democracy Party (DEP)  in  jail.   The  Austrian
deputies,  who  were  later  received  by Parliament Speaker
Husamettin Cindoruk, are  also  to  visit  the  southeastern
province  of  Diyarbakir.  In an other development, a German
delegation, headed by  the  German  Social  Democrat  Party,
Ludwig  Fellermeier,  was received by the deputy chairman of
Republican  People's  Party  (CHP),  Ertoz  Vahit   Suicmez.
Fellermeier  said they were in favour of Turkey's acceptance
into the EU  customs  union  but  that  Turkey  should  make
progress  as  regards  democratization  and its human rights
record.  The delegation will  hold  a  press  conference  in
Ankara today.  /Cumhuriyet/


Seven militants of the  outlawed  Kurdistan  Workers'  Party
(PKK)  were  killed,  two  militants  were  captured and one
surrendered in  the  Southeast,  the  Anatolia  news  agency
reported  yesterday.   Officials from the state of emergency
said that four militants had been  killed  in  the  Sirnak's
Guneycam  district  and  one  militant  had  been  killed in
Diyarbakir's  Kulp  district,  one  in   Mardin's   Nusaybin
district   and  one  in  Hakkari's  Alanduz  district.   Two
militants were captured in Tunceli, and  the  Bitlis  Tatvan
district,  and  one  militant  surrendered in Sirnak's Cizre
district, the agency reported.


News from Tehran says that four PKK terrorists crossing from
Turkey  into  Iran  were  killed  by Iranian security forces
sometime during Wednesday evening.  /Sabah/


In  the  US  government  "1995  Global   Terrorism   Report"
commenting  on 1994, it is stated that besides approximately
15,000 members, 75,000 part-time guerillas give  support  to
the  PKK  terrorist  organization.   It  is also stated that
Iran, Syria and Iraq are "free zones" for the  PKK.   Iran's
position  as  the  country  giving  the  most support to the
extreme Islamic and Palestinian  groups  by  providing  them
with  money,  weapons and training facilities is stressed in
the  terrorism  report.   PKK  leader  Abdullah  Ocalan   is
reported  as  living in Syria at least during certain times.
Thousands of PKK members are shown to be active  in  Turkey.
The  report  says  there  is  no  clue  regarding the direct
participation  of  Syrian  officials  in  the  planning  and
realization  of  terrorist  attacks  since  1986.   Although
giving support to terrorist organizations including the PKK,
Syria  has  promised to participate in the Middle East peace
process  and  has  taken  some   measures   to   limit   the
international  activities  of  terrorist organizations.  The
PKK terrorist organization is apparently continuing training
activities  in  the  Bekaa Valley.  Iran, by not agreeing to
conciliation with Israel, is  also  thought  to  be  forming
connections  with terrorist organizations like the Hamas and
Hizbullah groups against the agreement signed between Israel
and  the  Palestine  Liberation Organization (PLO).  Iran is
also reported to be continuing  to  allow  the  PKK  to  use
Tehran  as  a free zone, and giving logistic support to many
terrorist  organizations.   Iraqi  terrorist  activities  in
northern  Iraq  are  discussed  at  length  in  the  report.
Stressing  that  there  were  many  international  terrorist
incidents  in  Greece  last  year,  the unstable attitude of
Greece regarding terrorism is als

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