Iraqi Kurds Present Proposals

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Iraqi Kurds Present Proposals
Sun, 11 Jun 95

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Two Iraqi Kurdish groups that have fought
for control of northern Iraq for more than a year presented plans
Sunday to end their dispute.
    The proposals, issued separately by the Kurdistan Democratic
Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, carried similar
    Both groups called for a permanent cease-fire, the
demilitarization of their de facto capital city of Irbil, reopening
of the Kurdish Parliament and the formation of a regional
government, according to the proposals.
    The groups have maintained a cease-fire since April 7. The draft
plans call for an agreement within six weeks, but it was not
immediately clear when the parties would begin formal negotiations.
    The U.S. and Turkish governments are pressuring the Kurds to
maintain peace and stability in northern Iraq, which has been
controlled by Iraqi Kurds under the protection of a U.S.-led allied
air force since the end of the Persian Gulf War.
    Under the mission, known as Provide Comfort, Western planes from
a southern Turkish base make daily reconnaissance flights in the
no-fly zone in northern Iraq to deter any possible Iraqi attacks.
    The Turkish National Security Council said Sunday that the
U.S.-led force should stay on after its mandate expires at the end
of June. Parliament will vote on the issue in the coming weeks.

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