[WSIS CS-Plenary] IMPORTANT: CS input to WSIS

Dr. Francis MUGUET muguet at noos.fr
Mon Sep 6 03:54:54 BST 2004

Hello,  Karen

I failed to notice this point up to now

> ** Is someone able to setup a wiki for us to use for work on the above 
> - and future WSIS issues **
> If so, please let us know asap as we have little time to prepare our 
> inputs.

Yes, I have a wiki that has been ready for some time and that
 also allows calls for   automatic translations.
http://www.wsis-wiki.com  that should be accessible in a few hours.
  ( I have currently some problems with the original URL  wsis-wiki.org 
that for some
 strange reasons I cannot renew, and which is used, in a way which I 
feel is unfair,
 another example of registrar abuse ! , by the registrar itself for 
self-promotion )
Hopefully, you could use the .org domain name soon that has the proper and
politically correct extension.

Best regards



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