[Privsec] The International Data Protection Commissioners Conference

Robert Guerra rguerra at lists.privaterra.org
Tue May 3 21:35:56 BST 2005

I just had a conversation with the Canadian (federal) Privacy  
commissioner's office. It seems they are interested in WSIS and keen  
to be more engaged . yey!

During the course of the conversation I learned that the   
International Data Protection Commissioners Conference will be held  
Sept 14-16 in Montreux.  That's quite close to Geneva, and only days  
before the Prepcom.

I can envision many privacy advocates coming early to Switzerland to  
attend the commissioner's conference . it might  be and idea to  
convince them to stay a few extra days and organize something at  
WSIS. Perhaps a panel and/or session on privacy, internet governance  
and the information society.

something to think about...



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