[Privsec] Re: ENDORSE?: IGF Nominations

Ginger Paque ginger at paque.net
Wed Apr 12 16:46:34 BST 2006

I agree with Karen's proposition for endorsements. Thanks Karen.
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  karen banks wrote:
  > further to ralf's message re the deadline for nominations (april 12th - 
  > tomorrow) i would like to propose that the privacy and security working 
  > group consider endorsing two candidates that APC is proposing - rikke 
  > frank joergensen and robin gross

  I think this is a very good choice, with Rikke also being a strong privacy 
  advocate (and founding member of this WG), and Robin Gross working on 
  consumers' rights in the field of IPR/PCT.

  Karen, can you send the full nomination info from APC to this list, too? 
  Just to make sure everybody knows who they are.

  If nobody objects until tomorrow morning, I suggest Karen can accept this 
  as endorsement by this working group.

  Best, Ralf
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