[Privsec] Re: IP Justice Call for Participation at UN Internet Governance Forum: 15 July Deadline for Contribution to IGF "Synthesis Papers"

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Fri Jul 7 10:41:40 BST 2006

hi robin

Thanks for the reminders..

APC will be working on workshop proposals and i 
don't see a problem with the timeline there, but, regarding the papers

>IGF Written Contributions:
>The IGF Secretariat has issued a call for 
>contributions on its website. Written 
>contributions are intended to shape the 
>discussion at the Athens meeting. The IGF 
>Secretariat will prepare synthesis papers of all 
>written contributions that will be translated 
>into all UN languages and submitted to the 
>Athens meeting as official conference documents.
>15 July 2006 ­ Deadline for submitting written 
>contributions to be included in synthesis papers.
>Papers submitted after the 15 July deadline will 
>be included on the IGF website, but not included in the synthesis papers.
>Many more details regarding the submission of 
>written contributions are available on the IGF’s website:

- the website doesn't give any details as to the 
shape these papers should take (unless i'm missing something?)
- do you think there's any chance of an extension? (say a week to 10 days?)

on the workshop proposals.. i will be posting an 
update on the workshops APC would like to 
propose, or will be partnering in for proposals 
after i get back from leave on july 16th..   one 
you might be interested in particular robin, in 
terms of followup, is one that amnesty and the 
observer might organise (based on their 'irrepressible' campaign..

we ran into them at the UK IGF parliamentary 
forum - i think adam has their details - the 
observer guy was keen to interview you robin (but 
don't have his contact details to hand..)

shall follow up soon


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