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hi everyone

The following policy statement was sent by the ICC - International 
chamber of commerce - the body that coordinated business 
participation in the WSIS.

it deals with many aspects of information compliance in a very 
general way - and touches on issues of privacy but very tangentially..


>Subject: FOR INFORMATION AND DISTRIBUTION - ICC policy statement on 
>Information Compliance (IC)
>Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 11:36:13 +0200
>From: "POULAIN Anneliese" <anneliese.poulain at iccwbo.org>
>To: "HASSAN Ayesha" <ayesha.hassan at iccwbo.org>,
>         "VAN DER LAAN Manuela" <manuela.vanderlaan at iccwbo.org>
>Cc: "POULAIN Anneliese" <anneliese.poulain at iccwbo.org>
>For information and distribution: ICC policy statement on Information
>Compliance (IC)
>Please find attached the ICC policy statement entitled "ICC policy
>statement on an ICC Framework for consultation and drafting of
>Information Compliance obligations", (document 373/472 - 6 pages). This
>statement was adopted by the ICC Executive Board during its session on
>15 June 2006, in Paris.
>The statement was developed by the Task Force on Security and
>Authentication and has been commented on by the Task Force on Privacy
>and Protection of Personal Data, other relevant ICC Commissions,
>national committees and approved by the EBITT Commission.
>Businesses often refer to the legal and regulatory requirements that
>affect their use of ICT as "information compliance".
>Since the mid-1990s, ICC has observed a significant change in the
>number, nature and content of ICT-related legal requirements. In
>addition to the more traditional laws addressing ICT-specific issues
>(privacy laws, e-contracting laws, e-signature laws etc), requirements
>affecting companies' ICT deployment are today spreading over many
>different types of legislation: environment laws, labor laws, tax laws,
>corporate governance laws, anti-terrorism laws, anti money-laundering
>laws, sectoral laws, supply chain compliance laws, consumer protection
>laws, financial stability laws etc.
>Depending on the way governments impose information compliance
>requirements, they can either assist businesses in developing better
>practices or cause severe costs and problems.  This policy statement
>first discusses some of the problems businesses experience in this
>context, and then suggests legislative principles that governments could
>consider in order to optimize the effectiveness of information
>compliance requirements without imposing unreasonable burdens on
>This policy statement accompanied by its press release will be submitted
>to governments, WTO missions, APEC, FTC, relevant associations and
>institutions, law schools and major global news papers and targeted
>The ICC policy statement and its press release on an ICC Framework for
>consultation and drafting of Information Compliance obligations is
>available on the ICC website in the section for the Commission on
>E-Business, IT and Telecoms at:
>As a follow up to this statement, another document will be developed
>focusing on Information Compliance examples in order to address the
>impact these requirements have for business.
>Please do not hesitate to contact me at mvn at iccwbo.org if you have any
>Kind regards,
>Manuela van der Laan
>Policy Manager
>Commission on Electronic Business, IT and Telecoms & Commission on
>Marketing and Advertising International Chamber of Commerce 38, Cours
>Albert 1er
>75008 Paris
>manuela.van-der-laan at iccwbo.org
>Telephone +33 1 49 53 28 07
>Fax + 33 1 49 53 28 59
>Web site: www.iccwbo.org
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