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Ginger Paque ginger at paque.net
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Hello Ralf, and all,

Thanks Ralf. The only mention of e-voting in all of the WSIS documents was in fact inserted by you and the WG, which I truly appreciate.

In this new stage of the WSIS process, I think it is important to continue pushing forward on this topic, so it doesn't get lost.  Many groups are dealing with the issue on a national basis, but international treatment is indispensable to protect people in those countries where existing politics and mechanisms not only may violate voting rights, but also make it risky to deal with the issue at the local level. If you or anyone else has any ideas on how to get it to the forefront I would appreciate it.

Saludos, Ginger

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Hi Ginger, and welcome to this group!

Ginger Paque wrote:
> I have a particular interest in voting rights, specifically as they may
> be affected by e-voting and technology issues.

We have repeatedly - following your input - taken this issue into our 
statements, especially in the negotiations on Internet Governance at 
PrepCom3 and 3bis. As you know, it was also included in the overall civil 
society statement on the summit outcomes: "The summit has also ignored our 
demand that the principle of the privacy and integrity of the vote be 
ensured if and when electronic voting technologies are used."

So, any suggestions and proposals how to follow up on this are of course 
welcome. We/you also might want to link up with Rik Panganiban who was 
trying to coordinate a CS working group on e-Democracy.

Best, Ralf
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