[Privsec] Re: Proposed theme: user centric digital identity

Ralf Bendrath bendrath at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 22 18:35:43 GMT 2006

Daniel Boos wrote:
> Ralf Bendrath schrieb:
>>And now Garth has developed this into a full theme proposal for the
>>IGF. Very nice. We should support it.
> I agree to support it.

Thanks. If nobody objects in the next few days, I will let him know.

Which now leads me to the question if we still should submit our own 
theme, more specifically focusing on privacy and picking up the global 
privacy fiorum propodsal we had submitted in February. Deadline is 31st March:

"b) Public policy issues to be discussed at the first meeting of the IGF.
Please send us your top three choices giving a short explanation on the 
reasons for your choices to igf at unog.ch by 31 March 2006." 

I am quite busy at the moment, so would love to see somebody else 
volunteering for this. It can be a shorter text than the one on digital 
identity, and we can recycle much of the previous papers.

Best, Ralf

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