[Privsec] evote and issue compilation

Ginger Paque ginger at paque.net
Fri Mar 24 19:04:56 GMT 2006


This was new for me, and excellent information, thanks:

(Have you seen this here?
International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications (IWGDPT):
Working Paper on Data Protection and Online Voting in Parliamentary and 
other Governmental Elections (Madeira, 31.03./01.04.2005)

I have posted my suggestion of e-voting  as an issue to the plenary list (for Robert) so it will be included if appropriate. Thanks. I appreciate your info and feedback.

Saludos to all, Ginger

> Could everybody write in and propose the topics, or is there already a 
> consensus on these three issues?
No, Robert Guerra is collecting the CS proposals here:

Anybody can send in their proposals, but of course it helps if a theme is 
supported by a critical mass.

> I think we should pick very specific themes, given that everyone is 
> already supporting "privacy", 
Well... We had some heavy fights in the run-up to Tunis around this.

> If we choose well and write up a short and sweet proposal, perhaps other 
> caucuses which have not submitted a proposal will support us, e.g. HR 
> Caucus on evoting...
I hope so. HR caucus is always on our side. ;-)


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