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Rikke Frank Joergensen rfj at
Wed Mar 29 14:12:48 BST 2006

I second that.

I agree that the privacy and security of e-voting is crucial and necessary to be able to enjoy a number of other rights, but we need to be able to qualify the link btw. E-voting and IG, if we expect other people to take it onboard in the IG context..

I am sure Ginger has some proposals on how this can be done.

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Robert Guerra wrote:

> I've had a few people react negatively to your proposal. People think
> it's more an Information society issue, 
That's what I also was told by some folks, and after thinking more about 
it, I am afraid we will have to make clear if and why this is an IG issue, 
especially a global one. ICANN has not held online elections since 2000, 
and all other discussions around e-voting are purely national. Why bother 
the UN with this?
Please get me right: I am not opposing it now, but I think we need more 
arguments to sell it to the IGF. Otherwise they will just perceive it as 
"noise". Ginger, can you work on this until tomorrow?

> To help answer the critics, i'd ask that you please detail on how
> e-voting fits with the framework of the IG section of the Tunis agenda.
I therefore would support Robert's request.

Thanks for your understanding.

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