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Ginger Paque ginger at paque.net
Wed Mar 29 15:03:26 BST 2006

Thanks for the comments. I am working on this, and will get it out to the list shortly for discussion on whether it is an appropriate theme for proposal or not.  If it is not appropriate to deal with it in this context, I would appreciate suggestions as to where it can be treated.

I would however point out that the fact that it has not been dealt with yet does not mean it should not have priority.

If this is not the proper venue for addressing it, that is another thing altogether.

Thanks again to all of you, Saludos,
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  Robert Guerra wrote:

  > I've had a few people react negatively to your proposal. People think
  > it's more an Information society issue, 
  That's what I also was told by some folks, and after thinking more about 
  it, I am afraid we will have to make clear if and why this is an IG issue, 
  especially a global one. ICANN has not held online elections since 2000, 
  and all other discussions around e-voting are purely national. Why bother 
  the UN with this?
  Please get me right: I am not opposing it now, but I think we need more 
  arguments to sell it to the IGF. Otherwise they will just perceive it as 
  "noise". Ginger, can you work on this until tomorrow?

  > To help answer the critics, i'd ask that you please detail on how
  > e-voting fits with the framework of the IG section of the Tunis agenda.
  I therefore would support Robert's request.

  Thanks for your understanding.

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