[Privsec] reworked theme proposal for IGF: "People-Centred Digital Identity and Privacy"

Daniel Boos boos at trash.net
Fri Mar 31 10:36:49 BST 2006

Thank you Ralf.
I read the proposal and  I would be in favor of supporting it in the 
name of the working group.


Ralf Bendrath schrieb:
> Dear all,
> today, the deadline ends for theme proposals for the Internet 
> Governance Forum. This list has not been too active recently in 
> collaboratively working on text. I myself was caught up in work, too 
> (I am involved in a conference we have at my institute this weekend). 
> I finally worked a bit on it this night. Two things:
> *1. Theme proposal for "People-Centric Digital Identity and Privacy"*
> As nobody on this list did find time to develop a theme proposal based 
> on our "Privacy Forum" idea from February, I think it is best to 
> support a good idea that is already out there. Therefore, I have taken 
> Garth Graham's proposal on user-centric identity (which met no 
> objections here) and re-worked it a bit, following a suggestion by 
> Bertrand de La Chapelle, into a theme on "People-Centred Digital 
> Identity and Privacy". The draft is attached.
> Due to lack of time, this was not coordinated with Garth or Bertrand. 
> But I guess the chances of getting this theme onto the agenda are even 
> higher if the general idea is supported by different proposals and 
> from different directions. And, by the way, if it makes it onto the 
> IGF agenda, we still have every chance to build this into a global 
> Privacy Forum. ;-)
> I will be offline today from 15:00 CEST on because of our conference. 
> If I do not hear any objections to this proposal, I will submit it in 
> the name of this group. If people object, I will still submit it as my 
> own proposal, and personal endorsements are of course welcome for that.
> *2. Theme Proposal "Privacy of e-Voting"*
> I am not sure if we have enough agreement for Ginger's proposal on the 
> privacy of e-voting for supporting it as a group. I myself am not 
> convinced anymore that even the references in the latest version are 
> enough to make clear it really is an Internet Governance issue. But 
> the main problem seems to be that it will not have a realistic chance 
> of getting into the IGF if we already face scepticism in this group 
> and from other CS people. Therefore, I would prefer not to submit it 
> in the name of this group.
> Ginger, you of course are free to submit it yourself, and I hope for 
> your understanding. If people want to endorse it, they should let 
> Ginger know.
> Best, Ralf
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