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Elizabeth Carll, PhD ecarll at optonline.net
Sat Oct 2 22:21:39 BST 2004

Dear Don, Bevis, and all,

I think you bring up a very important point, which is the definition of
information and communication technologies (ICTs).  The definition of ICT is
broad and inclusive of all ICTs, which is also the definition used by the UN
and described in the rationale for the development of WSIS.   ICTs include
both traditional (e.g.. radio, TV, print, video/film) and newer technologies
(Internet, virtual reality, distance education applications, mind-computer
interface technologies, etc).  Therefore, telecentres can operate utilizing
any form of ICTs, even smoke signals if that were a form in a given region.

It is amazing how many people are not aware of this broad definition,
including media people.  It is also one of the reasons the Working Group
which I founded/chair for the UN NGO Committee on Mental Health is called WG
on Media/ICT  which actually is redundant, but was necessary so that people
know the functions of the WG.  I have started to use the phrase "traditional
and newer ICTs" when writing articles/during interviews, etc,  in the hopes
of informing the public as well as techies/specialists who may only
associate ICTs with the Internet and computers.

It is important for the telecentres WG to at least agree on the definition
of ICTs as encompassing both traditional and newer ICTs.  This definition is
inclusive, consistent with the UN's definition,  and therefore applicable to
ANY type/form of telecentre, such as those described by Don, Bevis, and
others.  It also facilitates tying it to the WSIS Declaration and the MDGs.


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