[Telecentres] Telecentre definition.

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Definition is relevant. Continuing the brainstorming ...

Good for the telecntres:

- community controlled local broadband ISP (license, good incoming line)
- government empowerment, support for local mediation of network
e-government services
- recognition of public access as public service (like library)
- IT-mentor, telecentre manager, community informatics specialist as
recognized professions
- telecentre quality assureance (different types, categories)
- moving part of the information work (like database maintenance) form
governmental institutions to telecentres (public telework)
- promoting telecentre based green dollar (LETS) systems
- matching BOP (Base of the Pyramid) initiatives and the telecentre
- low cost (BOP-type) equipment, software for telecentres (some firms,
HP, Intel, Microsoft and others have that, Linux of course)
- best telecentre practice, case studies database
- Telecottage Land - virtual community of telecentres, access to
telecentres world-wide, direct communication, cooperation
- free educational materials - eLearning - and other international
network services for telecentres and their public

Matyas Gaspar

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I'm going to take another stab at this, since it's apparent that we're
all speaking different languages.

Can we all agree that:

(1) Telecentres all have communications equipment.
(2) Community, even when people don't physically socialize in the
Telecentre itself, is at the core.
(3) The information, or, the Knowledge (Sensible Communication and
Information) is the reason Telecentres exist. This includes emailing
pictures of grandchildren, learning a programming language, getting
medical advice, flirting with the other gender and even simply playing
games. And I am serious about the games; people underestimate games.

I'll further ask that we can agree on:

(1) Telecentes in the context of the WGIG relate to internet access, but
are not limited to Internet Access.
(2) Capabilities of Telecentres can be positively and negatively
affected by proper and improper internet governance (respectively).

Thus, the questions we now should have are:

(1) What Internet Governance issues are good for Telecentres?
(2) What Internet Governance issues are bad for Telecentres?

Domain names? Bah, that's not relevant to any Telecentres I know of.

Spam - yes. That's something that can choke the bandwidth of Telecentres
- not to mention disgust people.

Access to content - a big one. This relates to (a) languages, (b)
licensing, (c) Standards being conformed to. I think it was the Plenary
list where the fact that entire countries have their email blocked was
revealed. I imagine that would affect Telecentres as well, and that's an
Access and SPAM issue.

Join in, brainstorm... if I do get selected for the WGIG, I'll need to
know these things. And I think defining these things will really get us
talking about a whole bunch of other related things. I'm compiling the
list of concerns, so have at it.

Taran Rampersad

cnd at knowprose.com


" It requires greater courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in
one's inward journey into new realms, than to stand defiantly for outer
freedom."- Rollo May 

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