[Telecentres] Welcome to the Telecentres Working Group!

Hakikur Rahman hakik at sdnbd.org
Thu Sep 16 14:20:29 BST 2004

This is Hakikur Rahman. I have been working as the Project Coordinator of 
SDNP Bangladesh, since 1999. We have established several telecentres across 
the rural part of Bangladesh, including Mymensingh, Satkhira, Barisal, and 
Cox's Bazar. Apart from our own establishments in those places, we are 
working to empower the schools (about 100 throughout the country) under 
SDNP School Programme, to act as telecentres/multi-purpose community centres.

MDG Bangla is another initiative of SDNBD covering grass root level success 
stories in this aspect in local language (http://www.mdgbangla.org).

Sincerely yours,

Dr. M. Hakikur Rahman
Project Coordinator
SDNP Bangladesh.
email: hakik at sdnbd.org
web: www.sdnbd.org, www.hakik.org

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