[Telecentres] Introduction - Reflect ICTs Project

Hannah Beardon HannahB at actionaid.org
Thu Sep 16 16:17:53 BST 2004

Dear all,

My name is Hannah Beardon and I work on a project which links sustained
participatory planning and analysis at grassroots level to the planning
and implementation of 'telecentres'.  This means in simple terms that
every community we work with - instead of being provided with (plans
for) a telecentre  - is facilitated to think about the issues which
affect their communication and develop strategies to improve their
communication capacity and access to information.  The project pilots
are in Uganda, Burundi and Orissa, India and we are in the second year,
where the plans have been made and the equipment and posts etc are being
put in place...  It is quite interesting to see what people in each of
the pilot areas have come up with, and from the experience to begin to
draw conclusions about how to develop really solid partnerships between
those of us with the money, expertise etc and those who have the
necessary knowledge about what is needed and what woeks.

Does that make sense?!!!!

Hannah Beardon
Reflect and ICTs Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0)20 7561 7568

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