[Telecentres] Checklist ofr ICT initial diagnostic

Cristian Berrío Zapata cberrioz at cable.net.co
Tue Sep 21 16:40:18 BST 2004

Dear all:

We began our process of diagnostic regarding the current situation of
ICTs at CUmaribo-Vichada-Orinoco River, and I have to submit asap a form
with questions to the catholic missions and schools so the make an
inventory of the current state of ICTs.

My first idea comes to ask about infrastructure, educational level and
linguistic proficiency (population with command of Spanish or English),
computational proficiency and ICT images within the communities.

My question is, do any of you know or have developed some kind of check
list so someone "not necessarily expert" might collect the information?
Seem we are having trouble with paramilitary/guerrilla agents so it may
not be possible to get into the area soon.

I would thank your very urgent comments.

Cristian Berrío Zapata
cberrioz at cable.net.co
cristianberrioz at hotmail.com

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