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It is a great idea. Matyas is a great person and his work is commendable
which I learnt from him when i met him earlier this year in Baramati in
Since we are doing relevant research in India, I can manage to organise
the list from India... Let me know ...
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Dear All,
I think it is interesteing for everybody, how many telecentes we have
world-wide at the moment. My suggestion is to collect and share this
information. Some of us already gave such figures. If there is no other
suggestion, I’m ready to compose the list „Telecentres world-wide” based
on your input (fugures and comments):
No of telecentres at the moment (maybe approx.)
Comment (on the type of the telecentres)
Source (it will be the sender – name and organisation - of the
information, like community-based, school-based, library-based, business
franchise, PIAP/KIOSK, etc, explanation if needed)
Of course, we can update and correct figures continually. The ongoing
result will be posted on the EUTA hompage (European Union of Telecottage
Associations). If you send ’telecentre statistcs’, please use this
subject description.
Matyas Gaspar
President, EUTA
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