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Toby Beresford toby.beresford at microaid.net
Fri Sep 24 16:48:53 BST 2004

I think this group could do a great service if we could collectively 
stand up at the next WSIS and describe / demonstrate a profitable 
telecentre model that could be rolled out by small entrepreneurs, 
non-profits and governments alike, worldwide.

A model proven to benefit both the social and financial bottom line 
could be publicised through the great array of existing telecentre 
networks on this list and via WSIS itself.

By including profit (or at least "surplus") in the telecentre model we 
can ensure that it is scalable virally - you don't have to have a social 
mission to want to invest in setting up a telecentre.

To do this I think we would need look and review the revenue streams and 
costs at a simple level from working telecentres. Do they stack up? How 
can ideas and revenue streams from other telecentres be included in our 
own projects? How critical are local and external factors?

Toby Beresford

Toby Beresford
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Cristian Berrío Zapata wrote:

> I agree with Hannah on the importance of skating clearly the mission 
> of the group, otherwise we can lost ourselves easily and disintegrate 
> what seems to be born as a multiethnic amicable possibility for 
> "ICT-sustainable development" discussion and production.
> Our vision must be clear, concrete, wide enough but refraining from 
> terms that have no clarified reference (peace, love, brother ship, 
> etc), inspiring and shared by all. The list can easily create en 
> e-democracy where we can propose the vision and built it via e-voting. 
> Once our vision is clear then we can get to the item of selecting the 
> leaders and then, we will be ready to design the programs, goals and 
> teams required.


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