[Telecentres] Introduction

Arif Majid Mohmand pedd at brain.net.pk
Sun Sep 26 09:45:49 BST 2004

Hi All,

My name is Arif Mohmand and I am currently working on a project in the Maldives to establish telecenters on inhabited islands to connect communities to knowledge and information. I also hope to evaluate the impact of tlecenters on the living conditions of the community and the connection between telecenters and poverty reduction during the implementation of this project. The Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology is the partner for the project.

I hope to share experiences with and have gainful discussions with members of this group to contribute to the WSIS as well as implementation of the project which I am working on.

Looking forward to interacting with you all.

ICT Specialist
Arif Majid Mohmand
e-mail: pedd at brain.net.pk

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