[Telecentres] Going forward

Enzo Puliatti enzop at undp.org
Sun Sep 26 20:30:43 BST 2004

Hello my friends,

I am sorry to say it, but I have the feeling that instead of using these wonderful tools to interact obtain first hand information on successful experiences and on mistakes that should not repeated to have more impact with our work it looks to me like we are starting to build another small bureaucracy, with nominations and campaign...

Do we really need this right now?

Do we really know enough each other's to be able to make any serious choice?

Couldn't we postpone a bit all this for a later stage while we slowly get organized?



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  Dear Colleagues,

  I sense agreement on moving forward with (a) election of a Chair to co-ordinate the work of the group and (b) regional vice-Chairs. With this structure in place we would then have a group to start work on defining a draft list of issues, which could be brought back to the general body for inputs, and then we could move from there.
  My suggestion would be to agree on an interim person who does not necessarily have to be one of those chosen to get the process going and completed.
  We could agree, for example to a period ending October 15th.
  During this time those persons interested in the Chair or who have nominations would email those nominations to the group and the interim co-ordinator be responsible for collating those names and on the 15th, we would share that list and ask for votes, with a cut off pint of the end of October.
  Once we have elected a Chair, who is qualified by (a) Expertise and knowledge and (b) has access to the funds to attend or support representation of the group at WSIS meetings or can raise funding for the Chair, then we agree on that person and they take charge of the process of chosing the Vice chairs, agreeing an agenda for work etc.
  I would volunteer to co-ordinate this interm process of election of a Chair.
  Yes, no??? Alternatives?

  Hallam Hope
  Bridgetown, Barbados



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