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Gopi Pradhan gopi at apdip.net
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Let me go a step further and state vision for this whole initiative on telecentres as "Telecentres - Roles and Aspirations towards an Information Society"
and mission for this particular exercise as "To Represent Telecentre Interests at WSIS, Tunis"

Mr. Gopi Pradhan

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This:"to represent telecentre interest for WSIS" and in the Information 
Society' seems to me like a good (draft) mission statement. Thanks Toby for 
it. Now we could devise a short and sharp vision for WSIS and Telecentres 
to also guide us and our collective actions up to Tunis and well beyond.
Just a thought.
  At 08:43 AM 9/27/2004 +0100, Toby Beresford wrote:
>If our role is to represent telecentre interest to WSIS then I guess that 
>makes the key question for us to be: In what ways will WSIS affect 
>telecentre projects?   Does WSIS have any specific proposals / minutes / 
>process / direction papers / web information etc. that this group could 
>then consider and feed back on?
>Si notre rôle est de représenter l'intérêt de telecentre à WSIS puis je 
>devinez qui fait le principal interroger pour nous pour être:  De quelles 
>manières WSIS affectera-t-il des projets de telecentre?  WSIS a-t-il 
>propositions/minutes spécifiques/papiers de 
>processus/direction/information etc. d'enchaînement sur laquelle ce groupe 
>pourrait alors considérer et rétroagir?
>Si nuestro papel es representar interés del telecentre a WSIS entonces yo 
>conjeture que haga que el dominante pregunta para nosotros para ser:  ¿De 
>qué maneras WSIS afectará proyectos del telecentre?  ¿cWsis tiene 
>ofertas/minutos específicos/los papeles del proceso/de la dirección/la 
>información etc. de la tela en la cual este grupo podría después 
>considerar y retroactuar?
>Andy Carvin wrote:
>>You're right that we should try to extend what we do beyond a few 
>>conference venues, but that's a longer term issue. First we need to form 
>>around the task at hand - an advisory group to help make sure that the 
>>interest of telecentres are represented in the WSIS process. That's the 
>>core of this group's mission, and all other activities we can do are 
>>icing on the cake.
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