[Telecentres] RE: Group going forward

zawan at itec.gov.om zawan at itec.gov.om
Mon Sep 27 22:26:27 BST 2004

Dear Edmond, Andy & others,

I guess I had to do lot of reading today through your e-mail...coz I missed the discussion quite few days, since I'm in Cairo & busy attending some regional prepcoms meetings! so, honestly, I haven,t read all the e-mail msgs...so I hope that my contribution won't sound strange or out  of date !

Anyway, DEMOND & SCOTT you wrote to the group as if you were reading my mind. Dear all ... it is not about representation it is all about contribution & its quality ...so please let us be focused!

To go forward, I would like to suggest deciding issues or points of discussions or fields of studies. So, all of us would be able to contribute and at the same time benefit from others work in that specific aspect. This is just a suggestion if any other member have a better managed work mechanism, please let us know. and one more thing, if we are going to set discussion issues.. let us set deadlines for every group of issues. So we can make the best our time :)

Another thing is ... yea sure we need a focal point to represent us ...so I suggest to go with option 3. One person as focal point (ANDY) with multiple people (two or three others)as vice chairs. I see what STUART recommended as a criteria for chosing vice chaires is great( those who are to be selected to represent the group) should be able to attend WSIS meetings and/or their regional Prepcoms. 

Thank you all for your time 
I hope that my e-mail is clear to everyone!

Miss Zawan Al-Sabti  


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