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Subbiah Arunachalam arun at mssrf.res.in
Wed Sep 29 14:30:50 BST 2004

Shahiduddin Akbar comments that "Nowhere in the world, Telecenter has widely
expanded". Largely true, but it will change very soon. A massive programme
of establishing knowledge centres in everyone of the more than 625,000
villages of India by 15 August 2007 has been launched under the leadership
of Prof. M S Swaminathan. Called "Mission 2007: Every Village a Knowledge
Centre", this programme is based on multi-stakeholder partnership and the
active members include government departments (Department of Information
Technology, Department of Space, etc.), Telecom Regulatory Authority of
India, Higher educational institutions and research laboratories, civil
society organizations, local government institutions, corporations and
industry associations, and so on. Expert committees have been forme to take
care of content, connectivity, resources, training, policy issues, etc. 
We will share the concept and delivery of this project with the participants
of the South-South Exchange Travelling Workshop that would take place in the
village knowledge centres of the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation in
southern India during 15-22 October 2004. The participants come from Asia,
Africa and Latin America and their participation is supported by GKP.
Incidentally, this workshop is an annual event and it helps southern
development workes learn from one another. 
[Subbiah Arunachalam]


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