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RE: [Telecentres] Re: telecentres Digest, Vol 1, Issue 43
Hi all,
while I agree with the definition, we should note that a telecenter is NOT only about computer and Internet. Before we attempt to define, it will be good to list down what an ideal telecenter should have.
Let me start the list. 
1)     Computers connected to Internet, if possible with Open Software
2)     Telephones
3)     Fax machine 
4)     Printer(s) 
5)     Photocopy machine
6)     File cabinets 
7)     Scanner
8)     Type writer 
9)     UPS and electrical accessories
10)   Basic furnitures and stationaries
11)    Digital scanner (X-Ray Digitizer)
12)    CD Writer and blank CDs
13)    Television and VCR (if possible DVD as well as more materials are coming in digital formats)
14)    Digital camera (if possible a video camera as well for community functions or the like)
15)    Local Radio broadcasting station (only if posisble, mainly for announcements and prayers perhaps)
16)    Weighing machines for vegetables and grains
17)    Electronic tools to measure fat levels in milk
18)    Refrigerator (if stable electricity available)
19)    Portable generator with extra drum of fuel
20)    Spare wires, bulbs, fuses, and tool set.
21)    White Board, a small hall, and some basic training facilities
22)    Childrens' toys and games

I hope this helps to start the list.

Gopi Pradhan

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  Dear Andy: 

  "To me, telecentres, telecottages, CTCs, etc, provided added value beyond 
  a PC connected by a wire (or a signal) to the Internet. It's their 
  people, their educational courses, their community activities, their 
  civic engagement, and their neighborhood leadership that make them a 
  telecentre. I think in an ideal world, we would all have equitable, 
  ubiquitous access to the Internet at home and wirelessly, but even if we 
  did, telecentres would still serve as community institutions in which 
  people could come together to get hands-on training, learn about new 
  technologies, co-produce community content, and other activities you 
  would associate with a non-ICT community center, but in an ICT context." 

  That is a good definition. A telecentre must be embedded in the overall development context. 

  [Subbiah Arunachalam] 


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