[Telecentres] caucus meeting, multilingual messages

Fuatai Purcell fuatai.purcell at mof.gov.ws
Wed Feb 9 06:14:16 GMT 2005

Andy, I am attending the PrepCom2 and I will attend the meeting on 23rd if
it is confirmed - where? I am interested because we have a telecentre policy
but will be implementing them from April 2005. So I am keen to attend.

If there are any ladies on this list who are attending the PrepCom2, can you
please let me know if there is someone who wants to share a room with me?
Accommodation is so expensive and I may not be able to afford it. Hostels
are so full. Please help

Mrs Gisa Fuatai Purcell
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Government of Samoa
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Hi Denis,

Actually, this list is trilingual- English, French and Spanish are all
accepted. I would encourage members to offer translations whenever
possible. Creating a separate list, I think, would make it much harder
for us to coordinate as a group. I would recommend against it.

We could have our caucus meeting on the 23rd. So far I have not heard
from anyone else, though, so I have no sense of whom in the group will
attend the Prepcom.


Marion wrote:
> Hi Andy et friends of Wsis-cs/Telecentres !
> My name is Denis Marion and I represente the French National Network
> Telecentres
> create on 30/11/04, Robert Werner is the président of this non lucrative
> organisation.
> I can be present only on 23 february (not on 22 th)
> I also, propose to create the francophone telecentres mailing list and
> to co anime
> with somebody of yours interest by the subject if Andy is agree ? ;-)
> Thanks,
> Denis Marion
> http://www.telecentres.fr
> Bonjour Andy et les amis de Wsis-cs/Télécentres
> Mon nom est Denis Marion et je représente le Réseau National des
> Télécentres créé le 30/11/04,
> Robert Werner est le président de cette association.
> Je propose également la création de la mailing list francophone des
> télécentres et de co animer
> avec une personne parmi vous interessée par ce sujet si Andy en est
> d'accord ? ;-)
> Denis Marion
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