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Thank you for the link.  Is there a word document for the Political
Chapeau/Operational part we can use to work on?  As cannot seem to convert


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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for sharing your comments regarding the statement we have
written in conjunction with the education taskforce. I have done my best to
incorporate ideas suggested by the group, though we had to submit the
document for printing before all the comments had arrived via email. I will
be reading the statement to the intergovernmental plenary later this
morning, and will send you an electronic version very soon.

In the meantime, I would like to request comments on the political chapeau,
which civil society will have the opportunity to comment on this friday
morning. This gives us some time to reflect - at least more time than we
had yesterday for the document with the education taskforce. :-) I cannot
guarantee that we will have a speaking slot on Friday, but we can always
file paper comments into the record, or partner with another caucus to
offer joint comments.

Please try to offer comments no later than 10:00 GMT this Thursday,
February 24.

English version of the chapeau:



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EDC Center for Media & Community
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