[Telecentres] FYI: Telecottage Handbook: How to Establish and RunaSuccessful Telecentre

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Please, try this:

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Thanks Mikhail!
I know the experience the Hungarian telecentros. It is an excellent
experience and we shared it with friends in Argentina, when we organized the
first encounter of Telecentros, within the framework of the
somos at telecentros activities in 2001.
Gáspár Mátyás generously has shared some material with us.

(By the way, I can´t open the URL that you sent.) Best regards Angelica
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Subject: [Telecentres] FYI: Telecottage Handbook: How to Establish and Run
aSuccessful Telecentre

> Telecottage Handbook: How to Establish and Run a Successful Telecentre
> A practical guide to establishing a telecottage as well as a valuable
> of experiences and lessons learned, this report was prepared by 
> members of the telecottage movement. The Hungarian experience is used 
> as a reference point throughout the report's different themes and 
> discussions. This publication is intended for ICT professionals, 
> community development practitioners and public administrators who wish 
> to improve social
> delivery at a local level, and who recognize that telecottages can be 
> used in service of individual, local and community poverty reduction. 
> Issued
> by/Author: UNDP Europe and the CIS Published: June 2006
> BD0C279330992AC8

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