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Some recent stories from the local press:
Diversity FM near to getting full licence

Radio listeners in Lancaster and Morecambe are a step
closer to getting their own community station.
Diversity FM has been granted a five-year broadcasting
licence by Ofcom and has just employed three new
members of staff in a bid to get the station up and

Based at the YMCA in Lancaster, Diversity FM will
offer training to any member of the public who is
interested in volunteering to work on the station.

Angela Metcalf, one of two co-ordinators who will look
after the volunteers, said: "We aim to help train
those who want to work on the station in many
different skills, such as DJ techniques, programme
production, journalism, news gathering, interviewing
and writing for radio.

"Many aspects of these skills are transferable and
will help local people to take leadership in their
communities and improve their chances when job

Following a number of successful short-term pilot
broadcasts this year, Diversity FM could start
broadcasting in the new year.

The new station will be streamed over the Internet
before the festive period.

Tony Cudlip, who is advising the station on technical
issues, said: "A number of people have asked if we
plan to take listeners away from Bay Radio and BBC
Radio Lancashire.

"For us it's not about numbers, it's about giving the
community a new voice. 

"If anything we want to work in partnership with The
Bay and the BBC to give the people of Lancaster and
Morecambe the best locally focused radio possible."

Anyone interested in volunteering to work on Diversity
FM can contact Angela or Duncan at
diversityfm at gmail.com, call 01524 383394 or write to
Diversity FM c/o YMCA Fleet Square, Lancaster LA1 1HA.

21 November 2006

FOUR Hailsham Community College students are set to
compete with Chris Moyles and Terry Wogan this week,
when they broadcast on Pulse FM's breakfast show, as
part of Eastbourne Youth Radio.
Working with Paul Rogers at HCC, Lauren Post, Steph
Wooller, Charlotte Cordell and Charlotte Smithers, as
well as a student from St Mary's, Horam, Matthew Smith
take over the airwaves between 8-9am on Friday. 
They urge you to tune in and brighten up your
breakfast or journey to school or work with a heady
mix of top music, news, chat, interviews and
"We hope that there's something for everyone, but our
main aim has been to keep it relaxed but lively. 
"You're trying to wake up at that time of day, so we
don't want to send anyone to sleep," said Steph.
The theme of the show is community and citizenship and
the project has been supported by St Dunstan's, a
charity which provides crucial assistance to
ex-service men and women with very significant loss of
sight, as well as Hailsham's Smythe & Barrie audio and
video store.
The show will include an interview with the British
motorbike land speed record holder, remarkable for two
reasons – he has appeared on Top Gear, and is blind. 
There will be a range of phone in competitions for
listeners, including the opportunity to win a DVD
player, an appearance by Southern FM's travel reporter
Lindsay Bartlett, as well as all the latest and
greatest music. 
Paul Rogers, who has co-ordinated the project for the
college said, "The students have worked really hard on
this show I really hope they enjoy it. 
"They've certainly learnt an awful lot about the way
in which this bit of the media operates, as well as
having to work well together as a team and organise
the whole thing. 
"They've done really well – people should tune in,
it'll be a great show."

23 November 2006

ARE YOU a budding Jo Whiley or even Terry Wogan? Then
one local businessman needs your help.
Nick Mallinson has come up with the idea of a
community radio station in Seaford.
Nick, the joint owner of Sussex Internet, thought up
the the idea of a radio station covering Seaford and
Newhaven as a way of promoting local businesses and
the area in general.
Nick said the radio station, which he hopes to base in
Seaford, would be run by local people and they would
aim to have the station frequency on road signs so
tourists could tune in as they drove through the town.
Town clerk Len Fisher said he has formally approached
East Sussex County Council about this idea.
Nick said, "In my teenage years I was on a local
pirate radio station in South London before I went and
got a proper job.
"I have a customer whose business is radio and he told
me the equipment to do what I did in my youth — but
legally — is not that expensive.
"I am a member of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce and
vice president of the Newhaven Chamber.
"I said to people this is an idea that we can do.
"I can't see us sustaining this for money it would
really be how it could benefit business and the local
There is now a group of local business people involved
in setting up the project and they have received help
from Bob Evans, who has done work for Radio Kent
amongst other media projects.
Nick said he is hoping to get local youngsters
He said, "There must be lots of media students at
Tideway and Seaford Head Community College who would
relish getting their hands on some air time and
playing their kind of music."
Nick said he hopes to work with local schools and said
this is probably the key to making the station
He said, "This has to be popular for it to work — we
need people to listen.
"If we got youngsters involved, say giving them a show
on a Saturday night, then their classmates and friends
and lots of young people in the town would tune in."
Nick is on the lookout for anyone in the local
community who could help, especially if they have
somewhere the station could broadcast from.
He needs technical experts, people wanting to have
their own show, clubs and societies, and anyone with
any ideas.
Anyone who is interested in taking part should visit
www.seahavenfm.com which Nick is updating all the

hannah.russell at trbeckett.co.uk
23 November 2006
Internet radio station helps promote bands

Tuesday, November 21: Music loving teenagers from
Hemel Hempstead have launched their own online radio
station to promote local bands.

Seven Cavendish school pupils have put together the
Immune Production Radio station to help publicise the
local music scene to a world-wide audience.

The schoolmates present live shows that air throughout
the week, entertaining their listeners with on-air
banter, the latest music news, reviews, gig dates,
interviews and live acoustic performances.

One of the Year 11 students behind the station is
Craig Fields, who said: 
"I set up The IP Radio with the intention of providing
unsigned bands free airplay and getting people from
around the world to listen to the unique music that
comes from Hemel and the surrounding area."

The site gives artists a chance to reach an
international audience as listeners can tune in to the
shows all over the globe.

Paul Newbegin, Daniel Bailey, Andrew Pullen, Sam
Cleaver, Ian Patrick and Tom Moran make up Craig's
team who produce and present all of the shows featured
on the site.

Craig added: "We want to promote unsigned bands by
playing their songs and giving them an interview on

"We do get a good response already but it has been
difficult to promote the website while we've been
studying for our GCSEs."

Most of the boys are studying music and a handful also
take classes on internet design, so they pooled their
skills to launch the website.

All shows air after school hours between 4.30pm and
6pm, kicking off with Dave's Ravin Monday as the first
show of the week.

Then you can catch The Craig Show on Wednesday, Ian &
Ben's Music Mash on Thursday and The Daniel Show on

Listen to the shows at www.theipradio.com and if you
want to be on air send an email with your band, or
artist's name, the band members' names and ages, the
type of music you play, where you are from and the
tracks you would like aired to bands at theipradio.com

You can also find sites dedicated to the guys'
individual radio shows via www.myspace.com/theipradio

Radio station aims to plug into community 
Nov 22 2006
By Pippa Woolnough pippawoolnough at trinitysouth.co.uk
TURN on, tune in and enjoy: Meridian FM is going live
at 6am on Monday. After painstaking preparation, the
finishing touches are being put to playlists and
adverts fine-tuned.Everyone involved is looking
forward to starting out, although many admit the first
week will involve quite a leap of faith.DJ Rosie Mac,
who will have an evening show playing pop music, said
the most important thing about Meridian FM was the
community aspect."It is a community radio station so
I'm hoping the town will pull together and support
us," she said.A number of familiar faces from around
the town have become involved and are looking forward
to broadcasting across the district from November 27.
Managing director Lee Quinn said: "Both Imberhorne and
Sackville schools are involved in the homework slot,
which is really great, and also one of the teachers.
"We also have businessmen and women from all over."
Don't forget to tune into Talk of the Town with
Observer reporter Pippa Woolnough as your host at 7pm
on Tuesdays, starting November 28.
She said: "I'm hoping the show will invite discussion
on hot topics for residents in East Grinstead.
"But, for it to work best, I will need feedback from
the listeners. So if you have any ideas, please e-mail
me now (as above)." 
* Meridian FM will be broadcasting for four weeks from
Monday November 28 from 6am until midnight on 87.7FM.

Radio station back on air

A COMMUNITY radio station which helps thousands of
Leeds people to get on the air has launched another
week of broadcasts today.
Since East Leeds FM (ELFM) first went on air two years
ago, 2,511 people, aged from 3 to 87, have broadcast
on FM and on the internet.
The station will be broadcasting from today until
Friday, December 1 on 87.7 FM.
The station was last on the air in June and over
26,400 people tuned in. It is run by Heads Together
productions, a local arts organisation.
Organisers said anyone of any age and any ability can
volunteer on ELFM.
The latest broadcast will come from Gipton Community
Arts Centre and the Church of the Epiphany.
The Reverend Janet Heighton said: "We're looking
forward to listening to and taking part in this winter
broadcast which has a decidedly festive feel."
ELFM is a mix of music, issues, live performance, news
and views, all presented by local people. Broadcasts
start at 6.30 am daily.
The station covers the communities of East Park,
Lincoln Green, Seacroft, Gipton, Harehills,
Burmantofts and Richmond Hill in East Leeds, and
Roundhay, Oakwood in North East Leeds.
For more details contact 08709 90 50 90 or the ELFM
website www.elfm.co.uk

25 November 2006
RADIO: Students making waves 

TEENAGERS are heading-up the production team for
Huntingdon's community radio station.
Four A-level students from schools across the district
will help run the charity radio station for its two
weeks of broadcasting.

Dave Glover (18), Anand Maniar (17) and Jasmine Scamon
(17) from the Abbey College in Ramsey and Nick
Sarkissian (17) from Sawtry Community College will be
producing shows, greeting guests, putting together
news reports and even presenting.

Huntingdon Community Station will broadcast from
midnight on Friday, November 25, to Sunday, December
10, in Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and surrounding
villages on 87.7FM.

Run by 30 volunteers, the station will have a mixture
of shows ranging from a new Over to You show to a
Drive Time programme.

Station manager Bill Hensley (54), from Warboys, has
been with the part-time station since it was launched
11 years ago.

He said: "Our aim is to broadcast to Huntingdonshire
on a local basis and eventually secure a full time
radio station."
Dave Brockman, executive producer for the station,
came up with the idea of contacting local schools to
put together his production team. 

He said: "I wanted to involve young people in radio.
This is our first year with the students and they seem
Student David Glover, from Bluntisham, wants to gain
experience before he follows a career in the media.

He said: "It is the sort of thing I want to do in the
future and I think I will do something like radio
production when I go to University.

"We have started off watching how it is done and after
that we are going to get the opportunity to go on and
present a bit and produce shows. It is really good to
be able to put some teenage input into a community

Anand Maniar from Ramsey said: "I am really excited
about the upcoming broadcast.We will be working quite
hard but it will pay off in the end."

The station is looking for volunteer's, particularly
female presenters. For information call 01487 823500.

23 November 2006
Station back on the airwaves

THE Huntingdon area will have a radio station of its
own again from Friday night.
Huntingdon Community Radio starts broadcasting its
11th season on the air from midnight and community
groups will play a big part in the station's
Station manager Bill Hensley said the Over To You
programme enable.community organisations to go on the
air and talk about what they do. He said a few slots
were still available if organisations wanted to take
He said the station would be broadcasting its
traditional mix of programmes but with changes in
presenters this year.
He said: "I think the station is an important
contribution to life in the community and a lot of fun
to do."
He said he hoped the station's experience over the
years would stand it in good stead for a new type of
community radio licence which would enable it to
broadcast all the time.
Huntingdon Community Radio will be broadcasting on
87.7FM until December 10 and can be picked up in
Huntingdon and the sur-rounding area.
If you wish to contact Mr Hensley, email him at
bill.hensley at hcrfm.co.uk

Broadcasting to the community
15 November 2006
WEB EDITORIAL - webdesk at herts24.co.uk

A COMMUNITY radio station for Huntingdon and the
surrounding area is set to hit the airwaves next week
with two-and-a-half weeks of broadcasting. 

Huntingdon Community Radio (HCRFM) will begin
transmitting from Wood Green Animal Shelters in
Godmanchester from Saturday, November 25, on 87.7FM.

It is the radio station's 11th year on the air and
about 30 volunteers will be providing programmes for
the area, 24 hours a day, up until Sunday, December

Station manager Bill Hensley said: "I have given the
schedule a tweak this year as it is important to
ensure what we offer has a fresh feel to 


"For a change this year, Kelvin Taber is leading our
breakfast show at 8am, while I will present the drive
time show from 5pm, which for the first time this year
includes Over To You, our community action programme."

There will also be HCRFM musical specials focusing on
soul, rock 'n' roll, and big bands.

This year, the radio station will also include among
its team a group of sixth formers who are learning
about radio skills.

Mr Hensley added: "Our Saturday night musicals special
returns, with Scott Andrews and David Brockman in the
driving seat. 

"We rightly anticipated the growing public
appreciation of musicals, and mainstream television
followed our local initiative with the BBC's recent
Sound of Music series." 

HCRFM is also launching Spotlight, a new two-hour
Friday night peak-time show devoted to coverage of
local events and activity. 

Two of the biggest growing youth bands in the area,
9Foldpunch and The Moonjets, will head the guest list.

The radio station also hopes to speak with key
community figures on the show, such as MP Jonathan
Djanogly, Cambridgeshire Police chief Julie Spence,
and Wayne Birks, the principal of newly formed Ramsey
Abbey College.

INFORMATION: HCRFM is a registered charity, supported
by local sponsors and advertisers, and hopes to become
a full-time community radio station.

For full programme details visit www.hcrfm.co.uk
Peterhead students get determined 
to broadcast

YOUNG people at Peterhead Academy got tuned into radio
last week when the Scottish Executive's Determined to
Broadcast bus visited the school on Monday. Pupils
were given the chance to create their very own show,
under the guidance of industry professionals, in the
customised double-decker bus, fully equipped with a
Synergy Broadcast Centre, which functions as a mobile
radio studio and production facility.
The pioneering initiative is funded by the Scottish
Executive's Determined to Succeed strategy for
enterprise in education and developed in partnership
with Stagecoach, Radio Clyde's Cash for Kids and The
Hunter Foundation. 
Determined to Broadcast is further supported by
Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the
audiovisual industries, who have worked with industry
partners to develop the initiative's training
Chris O'Brien, Determined to Broadcast's programme
director, said: "Radio is a powerful tool for
communication that provides opportunities to develop
students' imagination, expression, confidence and
creativity. The study of radio production enables
young people to experience the roles of performers,
producers, writers, engineers, listeners and critics. 
"I was really impressed with the young people at
Peterhead Academy and I definitely think there are
some talented radio presenters and producers of the
future among them." 
BBC Radio Scotland actively supports the campaign and
are encouraging the country's young talent to learn
more about audio production through the sponsorship of
a national podcasting competition. 
A creative website has been set-up to run alongside
the roadshow, where young people can share ideas, get
info and showcase their work -
Determined to Broadcast's visit to Peterhead Academy
was just one of the stops on the roadshow's tour of
schools across the country, which is set to benefit
thousands of young people. 
The state-of-the-art, interactive roadshow has also
received the backing of high profile radio and TV
celebrities, such as Radio Clyde's Ross King and Gina
McKie, XFM Scotland's Heather Suttie and GMTV
presenter Jenni Falconer.


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