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January 24, 1995

A Danger To The Delay Of Peace: The Case Of Kani Yilmaz

by Hans Breitscheidt

     On October 26, 1994, a Kurd entered the United Kingdom -
Kani Yilmaz, European representative of the ERNK - on his way to
London where he was to take part in an event organized by MPs and
members of the House of Lords. He was able to enter the country,
but he did not make it to the event. Kani Yilmaz was arrested by
the British authorities. On November 11, it was announced that an
investigation was underway and that both Germany and Turkey
sought to have him deported.
     It is no coincidence, rather is it extremely significant
that Kani Yilmaz was arrested on his way to the world's oldest
parliament building. At the international conference on north-
west Kurdistan in Brussels on March 12-13, 1994, Yilmaz brought
together several hundred of the most important representatives of
Kurdish parties, members of the Turkish parliament, prominent
Turkish and Kurdish intellectuals, union representatives,
European MPs, academics, and human rights activists from all over
the world. One participant read a statement from the general
secretary of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan.
This statement was an offer of a bilateral ceasefire under
international monitoring and it was a pledge to "recognize all
resolutions passed by the conference which aim at solving the
conflict". This statement was greeted by the conference and was
documented in the conference's final resolution as being a
significant contribution to the political solution of the
Kurdistan conflict.
     This clear sign of being prepared to work toward a peaceful
political solution was like an alarm signal to those carrying out
genocide in Kurdistan, as well as to their helpers and arms
suppliers. It was a danger to the delay of peace - the danger of
a political solution. That's why Kani Yilmaz had to be arrested.
That's why he's still being detained under deplorable conditions
in a British jail, after which the German authorities hope to
keep him detained even longer so as to disrupt his activities
which are aimed at making peace. Anyone who seeks peace in
Kurdistan has the urgent duty of pressing for the release of Kani
     Let us conclude with some words from Kani Yilmaz himself:
"There is a concrete solution packet, it was given by our general
secretary, Abdullah Ocalan, during the international Kurdistan
Conference in Brussels. This solution packet includes proposals
for a peaceful solution. This is further proof that we are
prepared for a just political solution. The Kurdish and Turkish
people can solve this problem together. We must strive toward a
common solution. In response to this, the Turkish government and
the Turkish state spread propaganda, saying that we want a
separate state! That is not correct. That is Turkish propaganda.
In the Kurdish solution packet, it is clear that we are willing
to reach a political solution within the present borders."

(The author is the chairman of the relief organization medico
international and was one of the initiators of the Kurdistan
Conference in Brussels in March 1994).

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