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KURD-A News Updates
January 24-25, 1995

As KURD-A reported yesterday, Turkish army units destroyed a
mosque in the area of Zeko near Bismil on January 17. After local
residents refused to take part in the state's paramilitary
village guard system, Turkish troops occupied the area and took
several persons from their homes and tortured them in public.
then the soldiers broke in the doors to the mosque and set it on
fire, thereby destroying the entire building. (24.01.95)

According to KURD-A correspondents in the area, there was
fighting yesterday between guerrillas and the army near the
villages of Direkli, Diyarbakir-Genc, and Mardin-Oemeryan.

There was millions of dollars of damage caused, according to
KURD-A correspondents, when Kurdish guerrillas blew up storage
tanks at an oil refinery in Besiri-Varince. (24.01.95)

We have just learned that a special commando unit of Kurdish
guerrillas in Istanbul killed 2 members of the Turkish state's
counter-guerrilla, Zeya Nazim and Asker Tahirhan. Both of these
known "contras" were linked to the murder of the Kurdish
employers Buldan and Cantuerk in western Turkey. (24.01.95)

During the last two days there were major Turkish army operations
in the regions of Sirnak-Cizre, Gabar, Elazig-Piran, and Genc-
Hani. There have not yet been any confrontations between Kurdish
guerrillas and Turkish army units, according to KURD-A
correspondents. But sources in Sirnak-Cizre report that the army
has surrounded several villages and has cut them off from the
outside world. The residents of several villages around Gabar
have been given an ultimatum: either become village guards or be
forcibly evacuated. (25.01.95)

On January 15, Hussein Kutlu and his son Silih were arrested by
the political police in Yuesekova. Since that time, they have
disappeared, and the state officials in Yuesekova deny that they
are in their custody. The day before yesterday, however, a police
official made an unofficial offer to the family to free the men
for a bribe of $6,000. (25.01.95)

An Ozgur Ulke correspondent in Van, Doran Denizhan, has
"disappeared" without a trace. When the paper's editorial office
in Istanbul asked police officials in Van where he was, they were
told on the telephone that "it would be God's will, if he were
dead". (25.01.95)

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