[WSIS CS-Plenary] Virtual Plenary wiki...?

Dr. Francis MUGUET muguet at mdpi.org
Sat Jan 8 23:45:10 GMT 2005

Dr. Francis MUGUET wrote:

> Ralf Bendrath wrote:
>> Robert Guerra schrieb:
>>> Is there such thing as a CS plenary wiki?
>> Francis set one up long ago (for PrepCom 3A), but AFAIK it was never 
>> used for plenary work, only for caucuses.
>> It still works, but the start page needs some updating.
>> http://www.wsis-wiki.com/
Just checking something about my wiki...
There is a little problem,
just a warning...
 for some reason,  I could not
renew in time ( but I paid for it... )
the domain wsis-wiki.*org* which was
my original site ( I took the .com  just in case
and hosted it also ) and it is the .org where
 I have put my links to ...
and I am just amazed and really upset to
notice tonight that www.wsis-wiki.org has
*squated* by a *porn site*.
(actually a list ).
This is really sick.
I just modified the page to
indicate wsis-wiki.*com*.


> I guess the wiki will be mostly usefull during PrepCom II.
> If you want to use it now or for PrepCom2 Phase II, that's fine.
> Please let me know, sometime in advance however. I will update
> the welcome page. But what if the machine breaks when I am in Geneva !
> Another more reliable solution is to install a wiki server at the Palais
> des Nations.  I can bring a machine for PrepCom II.
> This could be studied.
> Best regards
> Francis
>> BTW: What happened to the virtual collaboration Working Group?
>> This list <http://lists.si.umich.edu/mailman/listinfo/wsis-virtual> 
>> seems to be empty.
>> Ralf
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