[Privsec] UPDATE: WSIS thematic meeting on Cybersecurity

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Sat May 21 11:18:49 BST 2005

hi everyone

I wasn't sure of the status of participation in this event, so posting here 
and checking in.

first - i have no access to resources for participation for anyone in this 
event. I met with Tim Kelly from the ITU last week and mentioned this to 
him and his response was the same as bob shaw's - no money, sorry.

second - bruce is confirmed yes? tim knew him and said that he had 
participated in the ITU thematic meeting on Spam earlier in the year (the 
one they wouldn't let CS attend)

third - confirmation of dates, location, URLs etc

personally, i'm questioning what the value is of trying to participate in 
all of these meetings, especially when we spend most of our time trying to 
find resources to attend and have no energy left for substantive preparation.

In some ways, i would rather spend energy in drafting inputs that deal with 
how ridiculous a siutation it is for CS to be expected to participate as an 
equal in any of these processes, with no resources, and raise the 
visibility of this through the WGIG, WSIS and other spaces.

of course, it's great that bruce is going - i am assuming that's confirmed?

we should then spend some time working on interventions? or is bruce 
prepared with something already?

anyway, here's the information:



At the start of the 21st century, our societies are increasingly dependent 
on information and communications technologies (ICTs) that span the globe. 
The WSIS Thematic Meeting on Cybersecurity* will take place 28 June – 1 
July 2005 at ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This conference will 
examine the recommendations in the <http://www.itu.int/wsis/>World Summit 
on the Information Society (WSIS) first phase's 
of Principles and 
of Action that relate to building confidence and security in the use of 
ICTs and the promotion of a global culture of cybersecurity.

The meeting is open to all UN Member States, International Organizations, 
ITU Sector members, WSIS accredited NGOs, civil society entities and 
accredited business entities.

The meeting will specifically consider six broad themes in promoting 
international cooperative measures among governments, the private sector 
and other stakeholders, including:
    * information sharing of national approaches, good practices and 
    * developing watch, warning and incident response capabilities;
    * harmonizing national legal approaches and international legal 
    * technical standards;
    * privacy, data and consumer protection;
    * assistance to developing economies with regards to cybersecurity.

The first day of the meeting will focus on countering spam as follow-up to 
the <http://www.itu.int/osg/spu/spam/>ITU WSIS Thematic Meeting on 
Countering Spam held in July 2004.

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