[Privsec] Themes: evoting

Ginger Paque ginger at paque.net
Tue Mar 28 15:29:48 BST 2006

(Ralf said: I think we still should submit our own theme, more specifically focusing 
on privacy and picking up the global privacy forum proposal we had 
submitted in February.)

I know I am sounding like a broken record, but I need to replay it: e-voting is an issue that is not being adequately attended. If we cannot be sure our voting system is reliable, we are essentially giving up our right to  choose our leaders, and leaving every right and every aspect of our lives open to the whims of the "elected" representatives.

The Human Rights Caucus feels that this is too specific an issue to deal with, and that it is more appropriately a privacy and security issue. 

Losing a clear right to vote puts all of democracy at risk. I think this is a theme worthy of immediate attention, and very strongly feel it should be included.

Would somebody please take the time to explain to me why I am in such a minority on this point? What am I missing?

Thanks. Saludos, Ginger

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