[Privsec] Themes: evoting

Ralf Bendrath bendrath at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 28 15:55:29 BST 2006


> I know I am sounding like a broken record, but I need to replay it: 
> e-voting is an issue that is not being adequately attended. 
> The Human Rights Caucus feels that this is too specific an issue to deal 
> with, and that it is more appropriately a privacy and security issue.
Which is correct, I'd say. We (as in PrivSec WG) have already supported 
this issue before, so we naturally are the patron for this issue.

> Would somebody please take the time to explain to me why I am in such a 
> minority on this point? What am I missing?
You are not. Your theme proposal on the privacy of voting has already been 
written and has my full support. (I'll re-post it to this list in a minute).
I just noticed it is not yet listed at 
http://www.writely.com/Doc.aspx?id=bbfcskzpsx44x. This might be because 
the fields in the proposal don't have content yet: "Mandate, Main actors, 
Priority for treatment in the first annual meeting". You can not expect 
Robert Guerra to re-write it for you (or us).

I was asking for a different theme proposal, following up on the "Global 
Privacy Forum" proposal this Working Group had already submitted in 
February (I think before you joined the us). If we want to be taken 
seriously, we should to do some follow-up on this, especially as it has 
gathered significant support in the data protecxtion commissioners' 
community. But this piece still needs to be written completely.

Then in the end, we as PrivSec WG can support three proposals, which is 
what the IGF secretariat is asking for:
- Digital Identiy
- Privacy of e-Voting
- Global Privacy Forum

Is this ok for everybody?

Best, Ralf

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