[Telecentres] Digital Bookmobile - Uganda

Donald Z. Osborn dzo at bisharat.net
Fri Oct 29 01:58:30 BST 2004

I've been interested in a couple of things that this project brings together: 1)
"mobile telecenters" (although the Bookmobile apparently does not have
connectivity or access to static internet content) and 2) using telecenters in
part as printing presses. Also of interest is the attention that the project is
giving to indigenous language material. A very nice use of ICT to address local
learning needs. 

Don Osborn

Digital Bookmobile - Uganda 

This project uses print-on-demand technology to distribute books to people of
all reading levels in Uganda, including children affected by war. A Bookmobile
travels to rural villages, where children and adults can select books from a
digital database and participate in the printing and binding process. The
project aims to boost reading levels and adult literacy, publish in indigenous
languages, circulate teaching materials and create jobs.


Contact Richard Koman richard at anywherebooks.org

[Seen in the SANTEC October 2004 Information Update No. 5, 29 Oct. 2004]

The project website is:

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