[Telecentres] Introduction - Barbara Fillip - AED/DOT-COM

Barbara Fillip bfillip at smtp.aed.org
Wed Sep 15 14:12:32 BST 2004


My name is Barbara Fillip.  I am currently the Information and
Dissemination Coordinator for the DOT-COM Alliance project, funded by
USAID and implemented by three core partners (the Academy for
Educational Development, Internews and the Education Development

The DOT-COM Alliance works on a broad range of ICT for development
projects in countries around the world.  In terms of telecenters, we
have ongoing projects in Romania and Mali.

Some articles from our DOTCOMments eNewsletter related to these two
projects can be found at the following URLs:

'Halls of knowledge' open to communities in three Malian Cities

Using Telecenters to Implement Romanian Universal Service

I look forward to some interesting discussions.  
Best regards,

Barbara Fillip, Ph.D.
Information and Dissemination Coordinator
DOT-COM Alliance
(202) 884-8003

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