[Telecentres] Introduction - Toby Beresford from MicroAid.net

Toby Beresford toby.beresford at microaid.net
Wed Sep 15 18:13:11 BST 2004

Hi all

My name is Toby Beresford from MicroAid.net and I'm based in London, UK

MicroAid.net provides a subscription software service to create "Online 
Centres" that are specially designed for Community Based Organisations 
(CBOs) working from telecentres in poor communities.

These Online Centres provide a tool for running micro-projects that:
* encourage local people to get active!
* empower the community
* engage online donors

We would love to see new and existing telecentres that have broadband 
get set up with their own MicroAid Online Centre to help them help local 

Two interesting topics for discussion would be to look at 1/ telecentre 
financing and 2/ practitioner needs

1/  What self-financing models are available to allow telecentres to 
flourish, especially in developing and rural economies?  Who has 
experience of revenue generation from  internet cafes, communications 
services, other shared resource services, business services that work?

2/ What are the common issues, constraints, opportunities and needs from 
telecentres that are already running? I hope there are people on this 
list who are running a telecentre and can contribute to this.



Toby Beresford
Managing Director
www.microaid.net - Online centres that encourage local people to get 
active, empower communities and engage donors
New! e-book: How to get online donations - Download it free from 
tel: +44 (0) 845 057 3371

Andy Carvin wrote:

> Now, I would like to open the list for introductions. Please post an 
> email to the group and tell us who you are, your institution, your 
> location, the reason you are participating in this group, and perhaps 
> some topics for discussion. We'll do this for a few days so we can 
> learn about each other, then we will start discussions.

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