[Telecentres] Introduction - from OrphanIT - Sydney Australia

Simon Healy simon at edmedia.info
Thu Sep 16 12:49:35 BST 2004

Hello Everyone

My name is Simon Healy from www.SolvePoverty.com (a click and give site we
started in 2000)
and www.OrphanIT.com (an offshoot of our telecentres program in the

We built our first telecentre in Manila PI in 2001 for very poor youth from
disadvantaged areas and after
2 years running launched a job program sending our graduates simple low
level online work
managed from our offices in Australia. This work initially came from our
commercial companies

www.Hyperstudy.com  - Study Abroad Guides
www.EdMedia.info   - Guaranteed Marketing Results

This then expanded out to other businesses internationally who heard about
our services.

We have also worked with many other telecentres and telecentre graduates
developing remote services work
opportunities over the last 2 years and are now building an employment and
training platform and other related services

We have also recently closed our telecentre and are moving locations to
start a new
Youth Entrepreneur Micro-Business centre in Manila shortly

We're interested in working with other groups and telecentres in providing
remote services work opportunities
and exchanging ideas.

In a nutshell

........its our aim over the coming years to generate thousands of 'business
and work leads' each month
for the telecentre movement worldwide exactly like we currently do in our
commercial operations with
Edmedia where we generate over 10,000 'student leads' each month for our 250
plus University and
College clients. (See - www.Hyperstudy.com  - Study Abroad Guides)

If you run/manage a telecentre or group and are ready to begin taking on
remote services work
please contact me directly or complete your profile here

Best Regards

PS. Ive got a broken wrist. Sorry about the short emails

Simon Healy
Managing Partner
EdMedia, Hyperstudy & OrphanIT
Level 2, 4 Francis St Bondi
Sydney, Australia 2026
ph -  612 9365 5559 - fax 612 9130 1708
cell - 0417 275 842 email - simon at OrphanIT.com


www.SolvePoverty.com   - By Using These Services
www.OrphanIT.com  - Professional Remote Services


www.Hyperstudy.com  - Study Abroad Guides
www.EdMedia.info   - Guaranteed Marketing Results

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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