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MessageI wish to thank Andy for setting up this online discussion. It is great to see so many people working on telecentres. FDC  of Australia is organising a telecentre workshop for the small island countries of the Pacific. Telecentres will be useful for developing countries of the Pacific that are made up of hundreds of scattered islands. I am enjoying having this dialogue with telecentre experts from all over the world. 
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  Hello everyone,


  My name is Bev Collins and I am the General Manager of the Pacific Community Networks Association [PCNA].  www.pcna.ca .  The PCNA is a network of networks in British Columbia, Canada and the Yukon Territories.  We represent 24 networks of over 570 public access or CAP Sites.  CAP stands for Community Access Program - a project of Industry Canada.    The PCNA is also the Canadian partner in the Telecentres of the Americas Partnership. 

  I look forward to participating on this discussion list and look forward to learning from all of you.




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