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Florence Etta fetta at idrc.or.ke
Thu Sep 16 18:54:21 BST 2004

Hello all,
I must congratulate all those whose bright idea this was. I am very pleased 
to be in this group.
My name is Florence Etta currently working as a project co-ordiantor of an 
ICT Policy Project in Kenya the project.
The Kenya ICT Policy project commenced in October 2003 initially as a 
12-month project but now extended March 2004 and it is funded and directed 
by the Acacia and Connectivity programme initiative of IDRC the 
international Development Research Centre.
The Projects seeks to: Support the implementation of the National ICT 
Policy, research the social, technological and institutional structures 
required for successful ICT policy implementation, support the creation, 
institutionalization and application of indicators and parameters for 
monitoring progress, document, measure and share the learning in the 
development and implementation of the National ICT policy.  Telecentres are 
a popular tool through which developing countries are hoping to provide 
Universal Access. So the policy dimension is very critical.
I have been working with IDRC's Acacia Initiative since 1999 in a variety 
of capacities on ICTs for  development  as a researcher, knowledge and an 
evaluation analyst and  programme officer concerned with ICT project 
appraisal, development, monitoring and evaluation. I co-ordinated a 
five-nation study of 36 telecentres in Africa which report was edited into 
a book and first presented during WSIS in Geneva last year.
Cheers all,

Florence Etta
Co-Ordinator, Kenya ICT Policy Project
International Development Research Centre
Liaison House, State House Avenue
P.O. Box 62084, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2713160-1
Fax: +254-20-2711063
E-mail: fetta at idrc.or.ke
Web:http// www.idrc.ca/acacia

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