[Telecentres] introduction - Argentinean living in New York

alejandra davidziuk adavidziuk at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 20:44:58 BST 2004

Dear all,

My name is Alejandra Davidziuk. My hometown is Buenos
Aires, Argentina, but I've lived in New York for more
than two years. 

I have subscribed to this list because I have studied 
for a couple of years how telecentres, infocenters or
CTC (community technology centers) appeared and worked
in Argentina and other countries of Latin America,
America and Europe. 

Actually, I work as a ICT consultant at Links.org.ar,
a web editor at Crisinfo.org, and a research asociate
at the Argentina Observatory at the New School
University. So, I would like to continue analizing
these topics and know how these type of centers
evolve, adapt and develop depending on different
national and global conditions of the information

BTW, it is a pleasure to find a number of nice
well-konwn folks in the list! 


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