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Osama Manzar osama_manzar at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 18:13:47 BST 2004

Dear Friends at Telecentres Working Group,

As it is known that India is perhaps one of the biggest hub of
Telecentre/information kiosk/knowledge kiosk experiments/initiatives,
and they are prevalent all across the country in many forms using
various medium.

At Digital Empowerment Foundation and in association with PlaNet Finance
India, we are doing a research project where we are studying about 20
major developmental projects who are using ICT tools. I will be more
than happy to share those outcomes by the end of this year or early next

Besides, we also were involved in a book titled "Connected for
Development: Information Kiosks and Sustainability". The link for this
book can be found at http://www.unicttaskforce.org/.

I would be interested in various country's effort to develop e-content
knowing very well that telecenters are one of the biggest source for
local content creation. I recently wrote a book titled "e-Content Voices
from the Ground" [www.econtentworldwide.org] compiling the e-content
scenario in 30 countries. The same is being updated with more countries,
and I would be interestd in learning more each one of you.

Best regards,

Osama Manzar 
Founder & Director - Digital Empowerment Foundation -
Board of Director: World Summit Award, Austria -
Vice Chairperson: Global Alliance for Bridging Digital Divide -
Author: e-Content: Voices from the Ground [2004] -
Co-author - The Internet Economy of India [2001]

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