[Telecentres] Introducing Will Tibben, Unversity of Wollongong, Australia

Will Tibben wjt at uow.edu.au
Fri Sep 17 12:29:04 BST 2004

Hello Andy and other list participants.

My name is Will Tibben and I work as a Lecturer in the School of 
Information Technology and Computer Science in the University of 
Wollongong (Australia).

I have a research interest in CTCs. In fact I’m doing my PhD on the 
question of sustainability and CTCs. My particular angle is the use of 
radio station as guidance to develop models of sustainability.

Why radio stations? In short, I used to work in broadcasting and worked 
at a radio station in Samoa for about four years in the early nineties. 
The issues of the digital divide (universal service) and sustainability 
existed then and I think that radio stations do represent fertile ground 
for ideas in terms of developing models of sustainability. I wrote my 
Masters thesis on the question of information access for technicians in 
remote locations such as Samoa and I am using some of the ideas as a 
basis for my current research. Its good to see that the Pacific is 
represented in the discussion

Look forward to hearing more from other participants.

Will Tibben


School of Information Technology and Computer Science

University of Wollongong

Ph: 61 2 4221 3768

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