[Telecentres] Greetings from Mongolia and more

Lkhagvasuren Ariunaa ariunaa at itconsulting.mn
Thu Sep 23 11:13:43 BST 2004

Dear colleagues,

It has been interesting to learn that current listserve gathered
representatives from different countries with different experiences.
My name is Ariunaa and I'm working right now for private consulting
services company - InTeC. In the past I was involved in the development of
community information centers through Soros Foundation grants and citizens
information service centers through UNDP support.
Over 5 years experience of working with those centers, the most important
factor I noticed was a commitment from local governor's office to make
changes in the community through use of ICT.
Introduction of telecenters is very expensive project and even though from
the very beginning it is often talked about the sustainability, over the
time (after 2-3-4 years), the sustainability still remains in issue. There
are many issues to consider - human resources and their capacity building,
technical and professional support as well as most importantly development
of local content development.
There are many ideas, I would like to share with you and please if you
have questions feel free to contact me.
I'm glad to be in this list and hope to share my knowledge and experience
as well as to learn from others, since I'm considering to implementing
some projects related to community information centers.
With best regards,

L. Ariunaa,
InTeC Company
"Your problems - our solutions",
P.O.Box 36/192,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Phone: 976-99112176
Fax:   976-11-329902
Email: ariunaa at itconsulting.mn

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