[Telecentres] working group background, organizing principles

Stuart Mathison, FDC stuartmathison at fdc.org.au
Fri Sep 24 10:14:19 BST 2004

Thanks Andy for clearing that up re: WSIS participation ... I just wasn't
sure how this particular e-mail list would translate into an accredited
"organisation" that could have a voice in formal WSIS processes.

As I stated in my previous posting, I am keen for the list to be focussed on
a couple of key advocacy points for WSIS. In light of this I would vote for
your option 3 (see below) - where we have ONE overall chair and a vice-chair
for EACH of the major advocacy threads. I am not overly fussed as to where
the chair and vice-chairs come from - but it would be important that the
people who are nominated/volunteer will be likely to be able to attend the
major WSIS meetings - PrepComms, their "own" Regional Meeting is there is
one, and Tunis.

What do others think?

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Andy Carvin wrote:

>> So to summarize: our group is an official civil society working group,
and we can offer input to the civil society plenary and participate in
other civil society activities.

Most other groups have a sole focal point serving as chairperson, but
others have co-chairs, or a chairperson and a couple of vice chairs.
Personally, I think this is a good idea, since it would allow for some
geographic diversity.

So I suppose we have three models to consider:

1. One person (I or someone else) could serve as sole focal point
(chairperson) for the working group.

2. Two people - perhaps one from the North, one from the South - could
serve as co-chairs.

3. One person as focal point, with multiple people (two or three others)
as vice chairs.

So I'd like to propose we discuss this. Does anyone have any strong
feelings as to how the group's leadership shall be organized? And are
there nominations for people to play any of these roles? As I said, I'm
perfectly happy to do this myself, but think it would be good to share
some of the responsibility with one or more people representing other
parts of the world, particularly the South....

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