[Telecentres] working group background, organizing principles

Cyrille Simard cyrille at nordsud.org
Fri Sep 24 09:46:51 BST 2004

Hi all,

I agree with proposition # 3 also.. but with a minor modification.

I think that beside the necessity, for those who might be interested to 
play a role as chair or vice-chair, to be volonteer and willing to 
participate at regional meetings and at the Tunis meeting, it would be a 
good idea to have some sort of geographical reprentativity. I not really 
sure which formula could help in that regard (geographicaly based 
vice-chair structure ?.. or more informally trying to reflect this 
diversity when choosing vice-chairs who are "thread" oriented ?) but it 
seems to me that participating at a World Summit without some sort of 
geographically representativity from those who are carrying the message 
might not be a good idea.


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