[Telecentres] introduction

Michelle Walton michelle at clicksandlinks.com
Fri Sep 24 16:47:22 BST 2004


Firstly please accept my apologies for my apparent late introduction, I
think I must be going through a slightly shy phase!

I'm michelle from Clicks and Links Ltd. in Manchester, England. Clicks and
Links, a friendly firm of consultants, is dedicated to providing and
combining local citizens and local services, to enhance and broaden their
usually diverse communities options, mainly by focussing on  creating and
supplying citizen enabled websites and presentation services for groups or
individuals. We help nurture online communities giving them time and
opportunity to establish and develop themselves.

Personally, (and thankfully) I'm not technically inclined and have as little
as possible to do with the more complex side of anything really, but I do
hold a slight interest (and obviously a need) in learning what basic
technical skills I need to know to enable me to represent the communities.

Well, at least that’s my reason for being involved introduction out of the
way with, I really do hope I'm not the only technically challenged
middle-age female here? Please tell me I'm not alone! Haha! 

I will do my best to regularly participate in WSIS discussions where I am
able to, because I think learning about how I.C.T can benefit so much
diversity in so many different cultures, is a privilege for me to be part

However, I have kept up so far with the telecentre digests and feel that
having one focal chairperson (I think I'll nominate Andy C) and then have
half a dozen or so voluntary vice-chairs to lighten the load of the
facilitators role would be the best way for such a large group.  

Best wishes to you all, I will enjoy reading all the discussions, but please
forgive me if I don't manage to reply very often.

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Today's Topics:

   1. Welcome to the Telecentres Working Group! (Andy Carvin)
   2. Introduction - from Paris, France (Raymond Jean-Luc)
   3. 	Introduction - Toby Beresford par MicroAid.net (Francais)
      (Toby Beresford)
   4. Introducir Toby Beresford de MicroAid(Espa?ol) (Toby Beresford)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 10:38:03 -0400
From: Andy Carvin <acarvin at edc.org>
Subject: [Telecentres] Welcome to the Telecentres Working Group!
To: telecentres at wsis-cs.org
Message-ID: <414853CB.4080403 at edc.org>
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Hi everyone! I would like to welcome you to the WSIS Telecentres working
group. I've volunteered to coordinate this group, in consultation with the
WSIS civil society plenary group, and I hope we will be able to use the
group as a forum for discussing the role of telecentres, Community
Technology Centers, telecottages, and other community technology access
points, in supporting the World Summit on the Information Society and the UN
Millennium Development Goals.

I was inspired to forum this working group after a meeting of telecentre
activists at the CTCNet conference in Seattle in June. The group discussed
WSIS and its goal to bridge the digital divide, and how telecentres have an
important role in this process. Along with Amali DeSilva of the WSIS North
America working group, I talked about the WSIS process and the role civil
society had in it, and it led to a discussion on whether many telecentre
activists were participating in the process. 
Soon, we realized that only a small number of telecentre activists was
participating actively, and they were spread amongst the various working
groups on education, Internet governance, human rights, e-government, etc.

Because of this, I proposed that we create a new WSIS working group
dedicated to telecentres. The idea was discussed in the civil society
plenary, both online and in Tunisia at the most recent WSIS planning
meeting. Participants were very supportive of the idea, so the coordinators
of the WSIS civil society website created this email list for us to use.
Currently, there are 150 members of the group, with participants from six
continents. (I will post a geographic summary of the membership soon.)

I am hoping we will be able to use this group to examine how telecentres can
support the goals of WSIS, including bridging the digital divide and using
information and communication technologies (ICTs) for global development. In
particular, I hope that we might be able to identify opportunities to
partner with each other to support these goals. For example, one of the
ideas already discussed is to create an international alliance of national
and regional telecentre associations. 
Here in North America, CTCNet (the American telecentre association) is
partnering with similar associations in Canada and Latin America. A similar
spirit of partnership might allow us to create further alliances with
telecentre groups around the world, using the Internet to share resources,
research and best practices.

Now, I would like to open the list for introductions. Please post an email
to the group and tell us who you are, your institution, your location, the
reason you are participating in this group, and perhaps some topics for
discussion. We'll do this for a few days so we can learn about each other,
then we will start discussions.

Because this is an international group, we are encouraging participants to
post messages in English, Spanish or French. To assist participants in
understanding your messages, I would encourage you to write in simple
language, avoid idioms, and use a translation tool like
http://babelfish.altavista.com to include translations. I know these
translation tools are not perfect, but they are better than no translation.

I look forward talking with all of you - thanks for your participation!


Bonjour chacun ! Je voudrais vous souhaiter la bienvenue au groupe de
travail de WSIS Telecentres. I've a offert pour coordonner ce groupe, en
consultation avec le groupe plinier de sociiti civile de WSIS, et j'esphre
que nous pourrons employer le groupe comme forum pour discuter le rtle des
telecentres, des centres de technologie de la Communauti, des telecottages,
et d'autres points d'acchs de technologie de la communauti, pour soutenir le
sommet du monde sur la sociiti de l'information et les buts de diveloppement
de millinium de l'NU.

J'ai iti inspiri au forum ce groupe de travail aprhs une riunion des
activistes de telecentre ` la confirence de CTCNet ` Seattle en juin. Le
groupe a discuti WSIS et son but pour jeter un pont sur le numirique se
divisent, et comment les telecentres ont un rtle important dans ce
processus. Avec Amali DeSilva du groupe de travail de WSIS Amirique du Nord,
j'ai parli du processus de WSIS et la sociiti civile de rtle a eu dans lui,
et il a meni ` une discussion dessus si beaucoup d'activistes de telecentre
participaient au processus. Bienttt, nous nous sommes rendus compte que
seulement un nombre restreint d'activistes de telecentre participaient
activement, et ils ont iti icartis parmi les divers groupes de travail sur
l'iducation, le gouvernement d'Internet, les droits de l'homme,
l'e-gouvernement, etc...

Je suis espirant nous pourrai employer ce groupe pour examiner comment les
telecentres peuvent soutenir les buts de WSIS, y compris jeter un pont sur
le numirique me divise et employer les technologies de l'information et de
communication (ICTs) pour le diveloppement global. 
En particulier, j'esphre que nous pourrions pouvoir identifier des occasions
` l'associi avec l'un l'autre de soutenir ces buts. Par exemple, une des
idies dij` discuties est de crier une alliance internationale des
associations nationales et rigionales de telecentre. 
Ici en Amirique du Nord, CTCNet (l'association amiricaine de telecentre)
partnering avec les associations semblables au Canada et en Amirique latine.
Un esprit semblable d'association pourrait nous permettre de crier d'autres
alliances avec des groupes de telecentre autour du monde, en utilisant
l'Internet pour partager des ressources, la recherche et les meilleures

Maintenant, je voudrais ouvrir la liste pour des introductions. Veuillez
signaler un email au groupe et dites nous qui vous jtes, ` votre
itablissement, ` votre endroit, ` la raison que vous participez ` ce groupe,
et peut-jtre ` quelques matihres pour la discussion. Nous ferons ceci
pendant quelques jours ainsi nous pouvons nous renseigner sur l'un l'autre,
alors nous commencerons des discussions.

Puisque c'est un groupe international, nous encourageons des participants `
signaler des messages en anglais, l'Espagnol ou le Frangais. Pour aider des
participants ` comprendre vos messages, je vous encouragerais ` icrire en
langue simple, ivite des idiomes, et utilise un outil de traduction comme
http://babelfish.altavista.com pour inclure des traductions. Je sais que ces
outils de traduction ne sont pas parfaits, mais ils sont meilleurs qu'aucune

Je regarde en avant parlant avec tout le vous - des mercis de votre


!Hi cada uno! Quisiera darle la bienvenida al grupo de funcionamiento de
WSIS Telecentres. I've se ofrecis voluntariamente a coordinar a este grupo,
en la consulta con el grupo plenario de la sociedad civil de WSIS, y espero
que poder utilizar al grupo como foro para discutir el papel de telecentres,
de centros de la tecnologma de la comunidad, de telecottages, y de otros
puntos de acceso de la tecnologma de la comunidad, en el soporte de la
cumbre del mundo en la sociedad de informacisn y las metas del desarrollo
del milenio de la Naciones Unidas.

Me inspiraron al foro este grupo de funcionamiento despuis de una reunisn de
los activistas del telecentre en la conferencia de CTCNet en Seattle en
junio. El grupo discutis WSIS y su meta para tender un puente sobre el
digital se divide, y csmo los telecentres tienen un papel importante en este
proceso. Junto con Amali DeSilva del grupo de funcionamiento de WSIS
Norteamirica, habli del proceso de WSIS y la sociedad civil del papel tenma
en il, y condujo a una discusisn encendido si muchos activistas del
telecentre participaban en el proceso. Pronto, realizamos que solamente
participaba un nzmero pequeqo de los activistas del telecentre activamente,
y les separaron entre los varios grupos de funcionamiento en la educacisn,
el gobierno del Internet, derechos humanos, el e-gobierno, el etc.

Debido a esto, propuse que creamos a nuevo grupo de funcionamiento de WSIS
dedicado a los telecentres. La idea fue discutida en la sesisn plenaria
civil de la sociedad, en lmnea y en Tznez en la reunisn de planeamiento mas
reciente de WSIS. Los participantes eran muy de apoyo de la idea, asm que
los coordinadores del Web site civil de la sociedad de WSIS crearon esta
lista del email para que utilicemos. Actualmente, hay 150 miembros del
grupo, con los participantes a partir de seis continentes. (fijari un
resumen geografico de la calidad de miembro

Soy esperando nosotros podri utilizar a este grupo para examinar csmo los
telecentres pueden apoyar las metas de WSIS, incluyendo tender un puente
sobre el digital me divido y usar las tecnologmas de informacisn y de
comunicacisn (ICTs) para el desarrollo global. En detalle, espero que puede
ser que poder identificar oportunidades al socio con uno a de apoyar estas
metas. Por ejemplo, una de las ideas discutidas ya es crear una alianza
internacional de las asociaciones nacionales y regionales del telecentre.
Aqum en Norteamirica, CTCNet (la asociacisn americana del telecentre)
partnering con asociaciones similares en Canada y Amirica latina. Un tema
similar de la sociedad pudo permitir que creemos otras alianzas con los
grupos del telecentre alrededor del mundo, usando el Internet para compartir
recursos, la investigacisn y las mejores practicas.

Ahora, quisiera abrir la lista para las introducciones. Fije por favor un
email al grupo y diga nos que usted sea, su institucisn, su localizacisn, la
razsn que usted esta participando en este grupo, y quizas a algunos asuntos
para la discusisn. Haremos esto por algunos dmas asm que podemos aprender
sobre uno a, entonces nosotros comenzaremos discusiones.

Porque esto es un grupo internacional, estamos animando a participantes que
fijen mensajes en inglis, espaqol o francis. Para asistir a participantes en
entender sus mensajes, le animarma a que escribiera en lengua simple, evito
idiomas, y utilizo una herramienta de traduccisn como
http://babelfish.altavista.com para incluir traducciones. Si que estas
herramientas de traduccisn no son perfectas, sino que son mejores que
ninguna traduccisn.

!Miro adelante que habla con usted - las gracias por su participacisn!

Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community
acarvin @ edc . org


Message: 2
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:07:08 +0200 (CEST)
From: Raymond Jean-Luc<jeanluc_raymond at yahoo.fr>
Subject: [Telecentres] Introduction - from Paris, France
To: telecentres at wsis-cs.org
Message-ID: <20040915150708.95327.qmail at web86908.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Dear Andy and all the people there,

I have worked and still work together in France and in the French-speaking
part of Europe in the field of telecenters.

Yearly, we set up in January, a meeting of young people in Autrans, France
(more than 50 people) who work in french telecenters (from cities,
foundations, as volunteers or not) as well some people from belgian

We have produced the biggest study about "social habits in french and
belgian telecenters" (2 years ago) with more than 600 telecenters who  have
The results are available online there in French:

I maintain the biggest discussion-list in french about telecenters called
"espaces publics multimedia" with more than 1600 people at the  moment on

I take part (with other people) of the government working in-state
governmental group that coordinated during 3 years the different telecenters
in France.
We have developed a strong partnership with our belgian friends.
I now work on a projet of a French NGO named ATD Quart Monde - the project
is called "Internet de rue" (internet on street) for 2 years that will
consist in developing a project of furnishing internet to more than 20
families (very very poor people) in Paris and suburbs and accompanying them.

I really guess this group is a great initiative and i am proud to be a part
of it.

I have relayed your message about the working to the french discussion  list
as well as my partners who works for/in telecenters at different level
(local, regional, country) in the following countries : 
France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain.

best regards from Paris - France,
Jean-Luc Raymond

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Message: 3
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:20:13 +0100
From: Toby Beresford <toby.beresford at microaid.net>
Subject: [Telecentres] 	Introduction - Toby Beresford par MicroAid.net
To: telecentres at wsis-cs.org
Message-ID: <41486BBD.4000709 at microaid.net>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Bonjour tout

Mon nom est Toby Beresford. Je travail a MicroAid.net et j'habite ` Londres,

MicroAid.net fournit un service pour crier "les centres internet" 
(Online Centres) qui sont particulihrement congus pour les organismes basis
par Communauti (CBOs) fonctionnant des telecentres dans les communautis

Ces centres en ligne fournissent un outil pour courir des "micro-projets"
* encouragez les personnes locales ` obtenir actives! 
* autorisez la communauti
* engagez les donateurs en ligne que

Nous aimerions voir les nouveaux et existants telecentres qui ont ` bande
large (Broadband!) pour obtenir l'installation avec leur propre centre en
ligne de MicroAid pour les aider ` aider les personnes locales. 

Deux matihres intiressantes pour la discussion devraient 1/ le financement
des telecentres et 2/les issues des "practioner"

1/quels modhles d'autofinancement sont disponibles pour permettre ` des
telecentres de s'ipanouir, particulihrement en se diveloppant et des
iconomies rurales?  Qui a l'expirience de la giniration de revenu des cafis
d'Internet, services de communications, d'autres services partagis de
ressource, les services qui fonctionnent? 

2/ ce qui les issues, les contraintes, les occasions et les besoins communs
des telecentres qui sont dij` fonctionnent?  J'esphre qu'il y a les gens sur
cette liste qui courent un telecentre et peuvent contribuer ` ceci. 

Merci Toby 

Toby Beresford
www.microaid.net - centres en ligne qui encouragent les personnes locales `
devenir actifs, autorisent les communautis et engagent des donateurs
nouveaux!  e-livre:  Comment obtenir des donations en ligne - tilichargez-le
librement de http://www.microaid.net/ebook/
tiliphone:  +44 (0) 845 057 3371

Andy Carvin wrote:

> Now, I would like to open the list for introductions. Please post an 
> email to the group and tell us who you are, your institution, your 
> location, the reason you are participating in this group, and perhaps 
> some topics for discussion. We'll do this for a few days so we can 
> learn about each other, then we will start discussions.

Toby Beresford
Managing Director
MicroAid.net - Online centres that encourage local people to get active,
empower communities and engage donors New! e-book: How to get online
donations - Download it free from http://www.microaid.net/ebook/
tel: +44 (0) 845 057 3371
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Message: 4
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 17:24:54 +0100
From: Toby Beresford <toby.beresford at microaid.net>
Subject: [Telecentres] Introducir Toby Beresford de MicroAid(Espa?ol)
To: telecentres at wsis-cs.org
Message-ID: <41486CD6.5020805 at microaid.net>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"


Hi todo

Mi nombre es Toby Beresford de MicroAid.net y me basan en Londres, Reino

MicroAid.net proporciono un servicio del software de la suscripcisn para
crear los "centros en lmnea" (Online Centres) que se diseqan especialmente
para las organizaciones basadas comunidad (CBOs) que trabajan de telecentres
en comunidades pobres.

 Estos centros en lmnea proporcionan una herramienta para funcionar
"microproyectos" eso: 
* anime a gente local que consiga activa! (encourage)
* autorice a comunidad    (empower)
* contrate a donantes en lmnea (engage)

Que amarmamos ver los nuevos y existentes telecentres que tienen de banda
ancha conseguir instalados con su propio centro en lmnea de MicroAid para
ayudarles a ayudar a la gente local. 

?Dos asuntos para en la discusisn interesantes serman mirar 1/ el
financiamiento de elecentre y 2/midico necesita

1/qui modelos de la autofinanciacisn estan disponibles para permitir que
prosperen los telecentres, especialmente convertirse y las econommas
rurales?  ?Quiin tiene experiencia de la generacisn de los cafis del
Internet, servicios de las comunicaciones, otros servicios compartidos del
recurso, los servicios del ridito de negocio que trabajan? 

2/ qui las ediciones, los apremios, las oportunidades y las necesidades
comunes de los telecentres que estan ya estan funcionando?  Espero que haya
la gente en esta lista que esta funcionando un telecentre y puede contribuir
a esto. 

Gracias Toby 

!Director de manejo de Toby Beresford
www.microaid.net - centros en lmnea que animan a gente local que consiga
activa, autorizan a comunidades y contratan a donantes nuevos!  e-libro:
Csmo conseguir donaciones en lmnea - descargzelo libremente
/telifono:  +44 (0) 845 057 3371
Toby Beresford
Managing Director
MicroAid.net - Online centres that encourage local people to get active,
empower communities and engage donors New! e-book: How to get online
donations - Download it free from http://www.microaid.net/ebook/
tel: +44 (0) 845 057 3371
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