[Telecentres] Second to Stuart Mathison's suggestion

Scott Robinson ssr at laneta.apc.org
Sat Sep 25 11:14:01 BST 2004

Telecentre list colleagues--

I am receiving list messages in the digest form.  I would like to second
Stuart Mathison's 24 September message (Digest #21) in favor of Andy
Carvin's option three, as did Cyrille on the same day (Digest #22).  And
I am in favor of some regional representation as well.

But this important procedural point does not address the substantive
issues that Stuart and others have put forward: what can we achieve at
WSIS II and beyond?

I, for one, am very sceptical.  The WSIS I process was very energy
and resource intensive for many civil society organizations who were not
welcomed with smiles and open arms by the ITU bureaucracy and its
corporate allies.  Methinks the negotiating spaces for civil society groups
at WSIS II have been fenced in and perhaps not much more than lofty
phrases and generic commitments can be hoped for in the final declaration
of next year's Tunis event.  No doubt we could draft this text now, adjust our
expectations and work on those issues where we share common goals and
a spirit of reciprocity re experiencies, strategic allies (e.g. telecentres and
microbanks), technical configurations, and optimal national regulatory

Scott S. Robinson
Somos at Telecentros
Vinculart, A.C.
Mexico DF

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